"Peace Begins Within" Monday Meditations With Jessica & Friends

The Kingdom of God is within you.
-Jesus, Luke 17:21

If it is as the ascended masters say ~all we need is found within~ if the outer world is merely a reflection of our collective (conscious and unconscious) inner worlds, the question I've been pondering is: how do I relate with my own inner alt-right-neo-nazis in order to help untangle the present day mess?

I am curious. And I wonder what brought them to this place, because I am human and it's too easy to decide that Jesus didn't really mean it when he asked us to love our enemies and pray for those who hurt us.

I look for a door into compassion because all I feel is their hatred in my body and I'm hating them right back and Martin Luther King told us that only love can drive out hate. I think about times when I've been filled with hatred towards myself and others. I remember myself at fourteen, with an armor of Aqua Net bangs hard enough to stand up to any weather the four seasons would throw at me. I wore enough black eyeliner to make my mother ban it from the house, and a scowl to keep people as far away from a very vulnerable and hurting part of myself that I was deeply ashamed of after experiencing sexual abuse as a child.

That hard defense served to protect my terrified inner child, for a time. But it was ultimately too mean, too tough, and not in tune with my deepest truest self, which was nothing to be ashamed about in the first place. That's what trauma does. It puts up the toughest defense it can think of to protect the involitable spirit that is cut off from the energies of our naturally numinous divine nature. 

Angry young men flaunting the symbol of cheap, flimsy tiki torches is a big clue to the delicacy of these beings who I suspect are hiding behind tough scary masks of hate. It points to their collective trauma--which has largely been externalized and unintegrated into their consciousness due to the long history created when society demonized men's sensitivity, their need of the Great Mother, and groomed men to be more soldier than human.  All of her children have been suffering ever since her temples were torn down, ever since women were stripped of power, ever since being called a 'girl' was the worst thing that could happen to a boy, ever since divine wisdom was co-opted for the some sort of disembodied logic that has led us to the brink of destroying ourselves and the earth.

These scared young alt-right-neo-nazi men are waking up to the shocking reality that their world view is crashing and no one has initiated them into their hearts or their bodies or divine wisdom. And they are pissed, but not quite sure who is to blame. When we mirror their hate back to them, it only confirms their hopelessness and feeds their fiery rage. 

All I know is Jesus asks me to love them too and pray for them and this is a hard calling.  

Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.
And comfort those mourning the loss of their loved ones who died for love and for our freedom.
For until we are all free, we are not free.
Comfort all who suffer this day. 

Trauma repeats the past. It overlays the past upon the present moment and turns the wheels of karma in the same old directions. And there is a lot of karma that has been put in our care to work through and repair from ages past.  

It is time to destroy illusions and demons--not humans. The Divine Mother is calling us all home for supper--and she doesn't want any fights at the dinner table.

It's eclipse season--so changes are coming more intensely. The illusions will not last. The veils are parting. Change is hard, but change is so good. We need it. We need spiritual midwives to lead us through this transformation. We've been preparing for it. We are becoming the change we wish to see in the world. Enough of us have done our inner work and the collective is shifting, big time.

Here's my August advice:

  • Hold onto your yoga mats. Intend to live anchored in the compassionate witness of the present moment. Open to the mystery of Source unfolding in present time. Resist reacting from a place trauma. Move with purpose. Move with peace. Trauma moves fast. Peace moves slow and deep like a river. Move slower.
  • Be aware of ancient traumas and wounds the human family has sustained and be tender with our collective vulnerabilities.  Look behind the hard masks for the wounded child the mask protects and try to relate to the human aspect. Watch for false flags, headlines and news written with the intention to trigger us, distract us, and pull us into intense emotions and old unfruitful patterns. 
  • Stay grounded. Bare feet on the earth for 10 min a day will balance and clear all your chakras. It will also tune you in to the resonance of the earth, which has been ramping up in a big way lately.
  • Call on the energies of your higher self and your most helpful ancestors to guide you.
  • Intend to serve the greater purpose somehow, a little every day. It's wrapped up in your own greater purpose, wherever your great joy meets the world's great need (F. Beuchner).
  • Sway the hips. Dance. All this breaks up the collective trauma and fear in the environment around us. We exist in a sort of hologram, so as we activate, clear and hold sacred space in our body, we can activate it in the cosmic body of which we are all one. We are all connected through the light that created us and flows through us, so as we each continue to do our inner work, we will make a big difference in the body of the collective.
  • Visualize the rainbow colors of the chakras fully activated and shinning through the sanctuary of your body. It makes a difference!  (Activate your chakras through my on-line course.)

When we are in trauma's fight/flight/fear/freeze mode we are operating from our lower reptilian brain, and not the higher crown chakras and heart chakras that align us with the divine cosmos and our divine self.  The higher self incarnates and stabilizes peace and love on the earth plane. It's time to zip up and clean up our auric fields and get clear on what kind of energy we are allowing into our space, and what kinds of contracts we are making with ourselves and others. (Schedule a private session with me to learn how.)

May this morning meditation bless your day, and your week, and aid us in anchoring a more integrated whole self filled with more compassion, more peace, and especially more love here on earth at this time.  When we push our embers together, the fire we make will transform the world. Let's take back the collective narrative. We are moving into a new beginning, a new birth. Let's co-create a world that serves the highest good of all.  This is what we came here to do, each in our own unique way.

The light in me salutes the light in you,
Namaste, Namaste,

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The light in me salutes the light in you, 
Namaste, Namaste,