Monday Meditations: Introducing Blue Lotus Studio

Now offering yoga classes, meditation & chanting, workshops  and music events in our new in home studio!

Now offering yoga classes, meditation & chanting, workshops  and music events in our new in home studio!

Happy Monday!  
I've decided to share a little magic on Mondays in my new weekly blog. I'll be offering guided meditations, reflective writing pieces, intuitive readings, and more!

There's a lot of intense energy in the world today and with a full moon in Aquarius TONIGHT, and a lunar eclipse, and a solar eclipse later this month, we all feel big changes in the air.  I'm holding space for us all to breathe, meditate, stay grounded in our bodies while we reflect on the deeper mysteries and myths at play in our collective consciousness (and unconsciousness) and find the way through.

Life is all about choices. Many probable realities are emerging. Many people believe that once the collective reaches a critical mass in choosing what kind of a reality we want to consciously create, things will shift dramatically.  There is a push of multiple agendas.  Will enough of us choose the path of compassion and love and peace?  The pressure to fall asleep, to go unconscious or give up is strong. Staying awake and mindful is a daily practice. Staying connected to a supportive  community is also essential.

Things are many things coming up for review now. Karmic contracts and relationships are being cashed in. What once could be hidden away is now being revealed. The chasm between our ego ideals and our inner worlds is becoming more and more apparent. New bridges need to be made. Reconciliation and restitution are coming.  Playing victim, no matter how justified, just won't cut it anymore. Blaming outside sources isn't going to fix the issues, but being naive about the shadows of authority is not an option either. Feeling helpless is a trap.  Finding our authentic divine sovereignty is key. We are being called to do the deep reflective inner work and get responsible about the energy we are allowing to flow through us into the world while rooting out the weeds around the light of our soul and tuning into inner truth.  The Kingdom of God is within and you never know when the gates might suddenly burst open again. 

I invite you to join me this fall in deepening your practice of meditation. Calming the body and training the mind will help us all move through these intense times with more purpose, awareness, and collective wisdom.  When we practice relaxing the body we allow our parasympathetic nervous system to activate which helps the body release stress and heal.  Cellular regeneration occurs.  We can access our heart, gut and womb knowledge. We can open to new frequencies of divine wisdom streams. We can make better decisions and heal the affects of trauma on the human family.

This fall I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to unfold a big old dream of mine by opening Blue Lotus Studio in our home. I will hold regular small classes, meet with clients, offer workshops and music events here. I'm also offering a yoga retreat on healing trauma this fall. And if you want to kick off this Egyptian new year with some serious inspiration, join me at the Awakening Women's Festival in Ottertail County August 19. I'll be hosting a booth and offering healing of past/present/future timelines and book signings of my memoir, Detoxing God.

I look forward to serving you on your soul path this year,     

High Priestess of Taraloma Earth Temple & Yogini in Residence at Blue Lotus Studio


Seven weeks of remembering, learning and practicing using your intuitive skills and oracular abilities to claim your sovereignty, clear your energy body and revision a better world for yourself and others. We will meet Tuesdays 11-12 am. For seven women only.  


SEP 15~7PM

Experience Jessica's music. Relax, receive, be serenaded. Free will donation (Junkyard beer an acceptable donation :P).  Please RSVP via e-mail to