I have been dreaming for as long as I can remember.

I have gone through periods in my life where I would have sharp vivid dreams of visiting heaven and flying through technicolor fields of love, and conversely of descending into my worst fears. Dreams that filled pages and pages of story lines and detailed symbolic descriptions.  

At other times, I may go a week or so without remembering much, maybe only a few mysterious symbols or scenes.

I started dreaming even more vividly throughout college and it was a challenge to hold all my learning in the outer world with all the intense dreaming that was happening simultaneously in the inner world.  A college professor directed me to a book by John A. Sanford called, "Dreams, God's Forgotten Language," and that changed the course of my life as I finally learned how to begin to weave together my outer and inner worlds. I learned (or rather, remembered) that the divine has been speaking to humans through dreams since the dawn of time.  Sanford does a wonderful job leading the reader through the Bible and reminding us modern day skeptics about the lost art of the prophets. In seminary, one professor suggested that our artists are the modern day prophets.  But times are changing.  And more of us are remembering.

After seminary, I worked on studying my dreams for over ten years.  I spent many years working with a Jungian Analyst on understanding the patterns and myths at play in my unconscious.  I have had the honor of watching my greatest fears transform into loving energy that has helped support me in healing and growing.  

I believe the work of our time is the integration of our shadows.  We are coming into a a period of renewal, wholeness and interconnection.  What you see all around you, are merely the birth pangs.  

If you are looking for some guidance on how to begin to understand how the divine speaks directly to you through your dreams, I would be honored to walk beside you as you discover.  You are welcome to submit a dream for me to interpret with you below. Client's first 30 minute dream interpretation session is only $9.99 can be done in person if in the Fargo-Moorhead area, or via Skype anywhere else.   

More on the importance of Dreams in Ancient Egypt, by Tony Crisp

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