TARALOMA Earth Temple wouldn't be complete without a little mischief.  This temple is committed to being a safe haven for witches who suffered during the terrible times of the Inquisitions in their past lives, including Nikki the Know-It-All from North Dakota.

Nikki is very sensitive she mostly hides in her house in the woods wearing her aluminum hat (with her magic crystal tapped to it).  Nikki silently judges you as she knows everything because she has downloaded millions of messages from the spirit world and the aliens.  She has offered to share her transmitions with TARALOMA Earth Temple to guide humans on the path to enlightenment.  She also reads Tarot, performs ecstatic dance rituals and lives with too many cats to count.  Nikki has perfected the talent of catching indoor bugs in cups and she is currently performing sacred bee ceremonies (using her shamanic kazoo) so we don't kill all of our vegetation and harm our sacred bodies with all of humanity's toxic pollution.