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All meditation classes are free will donation and open to the public.  We ask that you RSVP by submitting this form below as classes with zero RSVP's may be cancelled.  

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Add this transformative meditation to your spiritual treasure box:

A Healing Descent & Resurrection for Women:
A Guided Meditation


A Healing Descent & Resurrection for Women, A Guided Meditation Introduction
(c) 2016 TARALOMA


Enjoy over forty five minutes of guided mediation with Jessica and her music.  

Let her lead you out into the cosmos and down into the soul of the earth.  

Reconnect with your deepest love.

Receive divine wisdom from above.

Open your heart and see

What is possible when we

Practice love together.


When the mind is fearful, the sympathetic nervous system is constantly firing sending cortisol and adrenaline through the body which leads to adrenal fatigue and all the issues compounded by major stress.

We are living out of harmony

with our light body. 

Somewhere along the way we got the program that if we weren't running around crazy all the time we weren't really working hard enough.  But the truth is, we work so inefficiently when we are operating with the sympathetic nervous system firing all the time.  It's like driving drunk through our everyday lives.  It is reckless.  It creates trauma. It makes people just snap. And all of creation suffers.  

Meditation rewires the brain to access deep states of peace, ease, and bliss.  It kicks in the parasympathetic nervous system where deep healing can occur within the body. Cellular regeneration begins.  It can even change our DNA and optimize our unique life force to work in harmony with our true natural habitat, joy. 

A calm mind flows into the world with peace.  It can access higher states of knowledge more easily and flow more freely through life with more vitality.

Enjoy my on line meditations, or schedule a private meditation session with me.