I started writing songs in 8th grade.  My mother taught me piano starting at age five.  After an unspeakable tragedy occurred in my life, I turned to the piano to express the pain that didn't seem to fit anywhere, yet needed to be expressed in order for me to heal.  

In college, lyrics and melodies began to come to me to accompany the piano, but I had major stage fright issues and usually sing best when I'm all by myself.  I took singing lessons at St. Olaf College and forced myself to get up on stage in front of people so that I could learn how to face my fears and project my voice.  

I enjoy most the energy of improvisation and just seeing what happens when I open up to be a vessel for whatever songs want to come through.  I'm not sure I could ever play the same song the same way twice.  Every time it is performed, it captures a difference essence depending on what's gong on in the room at the time.  A big Episcopal Church in Chicago used to let me offer my music at their alternative Saturday night services, and I loved the experience of listening deeply to the spirit and playing whatever arose.  

Since moving to Fargo, I have played at a few open mics.  I keep a look out for pianos in public spaces that would be open to my style.  I've also woven music into my yoga teaching.  I have a few projects up my sleeves.  I'm exited to see where the music takes me.  

Visit my music page and download my albums for free here.