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Hello! I’m Jessica Zdenek, Priestess of this healing temple in Moorhead, MN. I offer a variety of creative healing modalities to catalyze personal and spiritual growth while supporting your physical wellbeing. Contact me for private yoga sessions, reiki, oracle card readings, meditation, mantra practice, prenatal yoga, natural birth support, and more.
Text preferred: 701-730-1915. 

Temple Events

Ask the Oracle

An evening of Cosmic Q & A with Marguerite Rigolioso & Jessica Zdenek
Saturday May 11, 6-7:30 p.m.
Taraloma Earth Temple
1321 12th St. S. Moorhead, MN


Want inspired answers to your questions about universal mysteries & earth issues? Join evolutionary spiritual teacher Marguerite Rigoglioso & Yogini Oracle Priestess Jessica Zdenek LIVE & IN PERSON for this special evening while Marguerite is in town! Marguerite & Jess have been well-trained in bringing through cosmic information, and are excited about joining crown chakras to see what wants to come through for you. If time, we’ll also address personal questions. Marguerite is also available to answer questions about what it’s like to be an oracle, run a mystery school, get turned on to the faeries, and be on a restorative writing pilgrimage. This will be a fun, fascinating & informative evening (especially if their alter egos Gloria & Sylvia and Nikki the Know-It-All want to make cameo appearances :). Join us for this rare visit by an international teacher who was recently featured on Regina Meredith’s Open Minds program on Gaia TV!

Marguerite is also available for online or IN PERSON private sessions at my home on Mon May 13. She’s giving both regular life/professional readings as well as specialized theme readings on how to create more freedom & renewal in your life (for a $30 discount). She currently has 3 sessions available, so PM her right away if you’d like to book!


Marguerite Rigoglioso is the founding director of Seven Sisters Mystery School, dedicated to helping women & men cultivate their own evolutionary spirituality in service to personal & global healing. She regularly serves as a public oracle, transmitting answers to pressing global & universal issues & questions. She also offers private mentoring sessions, and she’s presently on a writing pilgrimage, traveling the country and preparing new materials for future courses & books. Marguerite is strongly connected with the Faery & Sidhe realms, and helps others to cultivate their connection to their realm, as well. Find out more at


Thank you for considering supporting the work of TARALOMA EARTH TEMPLE by making a donation to the Temple Treasury! <3 All proceeds support our temple home studios and wellness services to the Fargo-Moorhead community and beyond.

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Yoga in the Yurt <3
Private sessions will be held in either Blue Lotus Studio or the Yurt depending on availability.

Enroll in a 6 month yoga healing program with Jessica

Jessica’s newest book is now availbe!

A cosmic tale of betrayal, loss and rekindled love involving a cast of characters who span the ages working to resolve the theological issues of The Fall and the split between Heaven and man and woman on Earth. Written in play like scenes with dynamic dialogue, Jessica draws on Gnostic lore and Goddess wisdom reimagining the story of how the Divine Feminine fled the Earth plane when Gilgamesh cut down The Tree of Life. But now the Goddess is back to draw a line in the sand with patriarchy in order that The Tree of Life, the sacred marriage bed, may be restored and the new age of peace may begin.

Find Jessica teaching hot yoga, prenatal yoga &amp; meditation also at  Mojo Fit Studios  in Fargo, ND.

Find Jessica teaching hot yoga, prenatal yoga & meditation also at Mojo Fit Studios in Fargo, ND.

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in Moorhead, MN

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“With Jessica's guidance and help I've been able to start shedding past trauma and continue healing myself. She has also helped me explore my spiritually through meditation, yoga, and discovering my spiritual guides. Her knowledge of cultural and religious history has opened my eyes to ways of worship that are meaningful, emotionally satisfying and joyful.” -Erica

"I want you to know that with your yoga and meditation guidance you've helped me more than any amount of clinical therapy ever has helped me, and that's including medication too.  Jessica, you are incredibly gifted and strong and one of the best souls I've ever met. You're an amazing teacher." -Lonna  Nature photos by Lost in Fargo, Nels Hunstad. Headshot by Melissa Stephan.

Nature photos by Lost in Fargo, Nels Hunstad. Headshot by Melissa Stephan.