"Solar Release" Monday Meditations

Viewing the eclipse from the Circle of Stones at Carleton College in Northfield, MN earlier today.

Viewing the eclipse from the Circle of Stones at Carleton College in Northfield, MN earlier today.

As the light dimmed on earth this afternoon, the energy got a little creepy. I had to get up and walk around to release the collective anxiety I began to feel vibrating. I shook my rattle and beat my drum to steady my body. My mind felt a little more scattered suddenly. Dark thoughts and old issues presented themselves to me as mosquitos came out of the woods and swarmed me as if it was twilight. In the intensity, I remembered that the Goddess is the Queen of the void and I called upon the Divine Mother to assist humanity in creating new life on earth. And then the thunder came, and the rain, and the release. I remembered that this is what it feels like to give birth.

As the day went on, hard conversations and tears were also released. Where in the past these intense conversations would blow up and create barriers in relationships, today I saw people come closer in disagreement and behave more gently. I am so hopeful for humanity.

On top of the solar eclipse, it is also a new moon today, and it is the perfect time to set new intentions.  As I am learning: we can't do everything. We must make choices. We can't continue to live in some future fantasy. We have to say no to some things, and yes to our dreams. I invite you during this potent energetic time to get clear on your hearts desires.

In the sweet story, The Alchemist, one character proposes that the deepest desires of our hearts were put there to be a guide for our soul's path. Our deep joys are soul gifts planted in us to grow and be manifested. Yet it has taken me some time to give myself permission to truly discern what I want. I didn't want to be selfish. For a time I thought surrendering my dreams for others was what God wanted for me. I felt guilty for being happy if others were suffering--not realizing that my joy might actually birth relief and steady others joy. I felt if I was happy, I must not be paying attention to others' suffering.  It took me some time to learn that to serve others I didn't need to diminish myself or be a doormat. My gift to the world will unfold in tending those seeds of joy planted within me. 

There's a lot of strange things going on in the world today. And a lot to get upset about. And while we honor all of our feelings as humans, when others are telling us how we should feel, we're not really tuning into the truth of our being which is rooted in wonder and love.  The media seems to be asking: Are we scared enough? Angry enough? While those feelings can be great catalysts for change, they will run us down and eat us up over time. They are meant to get us back to our joy. 

According to ancient yoga teachings, in the heart center there is a place where joy always resides-- a place that no matter how much heart break we have experienced, remains unbroken.  I invite you to go there this month and let it unfold with the expanding light of the moon.

This weekend I had the honor of sitting with women at the Women's Awakening festival and leading them through meditations to release energy blocks and connect with the light of their soul. I was reminded how profound a practice it is to simply clear our space, and to release.  I do a shorter version of this practice at the beginning of each of my yoga classes by guiding my students to ground into the earth and open up to divine cosmic help.  This week I'm sharing a sample of a powerful Sovereignty Statement that you can use at anytime to release unwanted energies and clear your space. (See below).

When we release, we make room for new life. May we choose to live in abundance with the love that is available to us everyday, that which is eternal and everlasting. <3

May you have a beautiful week,

Sovereignty Statement

I am a sovereign being.
I wish to align myself with Mother Earth and the divine cosmos.
I invite the energies of my highest/whole self and my highest level spiritual guides and most helpful ancestors to be with me and guide me today.
I declare that nothing is allowed in my space that does not serve my highest good and the highest good of all beings.
I am a one soul occupancy. 
Any energies, attachments or entities that are feeding on my light must leave now and
either return to Source or return to kin, but are not allowed to stay in my space anymore.
I choose to shine the light of my being today.
And so it is. It is done. Blessed be.

Visit  www.taraloma.com  to see all the fall offerings at our new home studio.&nbsp;

Visit www.taraloma.com to see all the fall offerings at our new home studio.