Sacred Oracle Priestess Training


Sacred Oracle Priestess Training


Is this you?

Do have a hunch that you're sensitive and looking to deepen your intuitive skills? 
Would you like to learn how to clear energy in your body, in a room, in the world?
Are you ready to commit to a regular meditation practice to open up your chakras?
Are you curious about other dimensions, angels, dreams, and consciously creating alternative timelines to be of service for humanity at this crucial time?
Are you ready to move in the world more grounded in your body and natural feminine strength?
Are you willing to peek under the covers and explore your shadow side and begin integrating your whole self?
Are you committed to holding safe space and bringing an open mind and unconditional love to this group?

I'm only taking seven applications for our first sacred oracle priestess course.  If you feel called to apply, fill our this form below.  

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