Spring Equinox Supplication

divine mother.jpg

Oh mother divine

Oh void

Oh womb of creation

Goddesses of the Infinite Circle

Take me back to you

A daughter of men

Lost from you

Made to fear your power

Made to fear my power

Medusa medicine

Powers to heal

Powers to destroy

Powers to create new realities

Shake off the nightmares

Of headless women

The ages of trauma

Rattle oh snakes in my head

Speak oh searing tongues

Zeus, I want my lightning back, and my powerful gaze

Athena, my blood please

Circles of sisters

Divine Magdalenes

Order of the Marys and Melchizedeks





Divine Father

Divine Mother

Divine Creatress, hear my prayer

Divine Seed, rise in me

Source of all Light and Life

Remember me

Restore the sisterhood

Restore the knighthood

Restore your creation

Send us your compassion

And heal the monsters we have become

That your eternal glory may shine in us forevermore


+J. Zdenek, Equinox Supplication, 2018