May 15, New Moon Oracle


On this significant day where the energies of Uranus have moved into Taurus for a season of reckoning, liberation and great healing, I would like to offer this oracle.

An image from a dream that a woman had: this is the god's last stand--the one who's temple is made of armor. I looked and behold there was a god like Thor, the god of war, and his head was replaced by a phallus--a literal dick head. The men who worshiped here were making super soldiers on Mars, turning men into machines, into monsters, into programmable robots. 

Come I said to my sisters, let us restore the gods crown. Let us put back his sacred phallus where it belongs, let us speak to his heart, and they agreed. And we said: We have mended Medusa's head. We have faced and are facing our demons as we went mad apart from our sacred grandmother's traditions, in broken relationships with our mothers, sisters and children, as the sacred women's traditions were stolen from us as our bodies like counties were invaded and raped as our realms of wisdom were eclipsed  from our eyes. But our bodies remember and our hearts are opening again after an age of trauma to say: we forgive you.  Those who hung us, burned us, those who in their fear of us, their fear of survival, those in their own wounding who stole, abused and murdered our children, those who fragmented the sacred web of women, we forgive those who knowingly or unknowingly caused us harm. We also ask for forgiveness for those grievances that we have caused knowingly or unknowingly when in our trauma we wounded your heart.

We remember the great Kings of old and those who pledge to protect the earth, women and children and to defend the sacred. Men of War, Aphrodite is calling to Ares, remember your pledge to fight only for love, to defend the weak, to protect the powerless, to stand in your true dignity again, and to receive the crown of heaven's highest honor of man when you open your armored heart that you may be healed.

We remember the mad gods, we remember the divine men who suffered an age of Set, the dividing one, those men who gave up their crowns of glory to descend into human madness not to condem it, but to have compassion on it that it may be redeemed and healed once and for all.

We remember today those heros who have lost their heads: John the baptist, Ganesh, Saul Absolom, and the hosts of men who have died throughout the ages in honor defending love. To all the headless horsemen who rode with women to the very edges of their madness to the very end of the age, who for love gave everything, even their sanity, and their very bodies: come home my sons your work is done!

May this day you trade your hearts of stone for a heart of love. May you trade the armored temple for the living sanctuary that you are. May the crowns of madmen and medusas be restored to their former glory that all may see and know the power and the glory of the one most high. This day and for all of eternity. May it be so. Amen. Amen. Amen. 

+Jessica Zdenek
High Priestess & Yogini Oracle of the Prairie