Jan 29 - Feb 4 "From Where Does My Help Come From?" TARALOMA Earth Temple, Weekly Newsletter

Discover Your Inner Well of Wisdom

Discover Your Inner Well of Wisdom

Wow it has been an intense week energetically.  In response to the rapid news stories and ratcheting up of tensions on the global stage, I have found myself doing my own introverted style of protesting by moving slower, meditating longer, and going deeply inward.  I'm taking more time to sit at the feet of my Inner Teacher to understand and see more clearly what is actually going on and what is my mission during this time.  May we all find that dawning clarity as we move through these times together.  

These past few months have felt like a stripping away of many old ways of being that no longer serve my highest good or the highest good of all.  Things that I thought I saw clearly were becoming clouded, places where I once put my confidence felt like shifting sands.  I was reminded again of the practice of "groundlessness" when this beautiful article appeared in my Facebook feed.  I sighed deeply into the peace I remembered there.    

Being in right relationship with groundlessness is like creating a meaningful link between your certainty and what is truly best for you, which is always found at the edges of what you think you know.  In yoga this expanding edge is known as Yin energy.  Yin is feminine energy, it is expansive, like a pregnant momma.  Yin energy moves into mystery.  Yin breaks up old ways of thinking, prisons of thought, body and mind, reaching always for more life, for life itself is always in motion.  

Conversely, Yang energy is the contracting center, the eye of the storm, the firm pillar of truth which has cataloged all the past wisdom gleaned from Yin's wondrous adventures.  This expanding and contracting energy is much like a heart beat, a score of music, and labor.  There are intense moments as we head for the climax of a song, or the crowning of the baby.  When we can maintain the connection between our center and our growing edges, we can see how we are truly one body learning to come into harmony with the flow of life itself.  Rather than battling and destroying our opposite we learn the sacred dance that creates more life together.  Opposites require a third to emerge, the center is the bridge that holds the tension and allows the dance and expanse of life to continue.  

This is our call now: to see the game of opposites.  To resist the cries for division and the temptation to externalize our fears and our shame on others creating scapegoats so we can feel more righteous and thus grounded (yet in illusion).  Resist the cries for war and take those weapons and transform them into instruments for cultivating the earth again.  Resist publicly humiliating people and learn the art of becoming bridge builders, that all beings may be connected to the center and connected to the growth edges.  No one learns in shame.  We learn in dignity and love.  What we have lost is safe space to be flawed growing humans who have permission to learn from our mistakes.  We have created a sort of gotcha culture that enjoys outting someone else so that we can feel better.  What if all of our accumulated knowledge is really just a giant defense system designed to keep us safe at the expense of someone else?  What we have lost is the playful Yin space to expand into our human potential. 

Our call is to love in the expanse of known and unknown as we each hone in on our mission and role.  Some will be the pillars, some will go to places we do not yet understand.  But we are each doing our part to heal the web of life.  

What we need now is a cosmic faith, a faith that goes beyond good/bad, american/unamerican, right/wrong and win/lose.  A faith that serves the common greatest good of all creatures of earth.  May peace prevail.      

In his ministry, Jesus often took time to be alone.  He hung out in the desert and walked up mountains.  He needed time away from the crowds so he could tune into his Inner Teacher, the Holy Spirit, the Source of Life, the Fount of Wisdom again.  One mantra I have been using to reply to the anxieties being drummed up in the media has been Psalm 121:

"I lift up my eyes to the hills
From where does my help come from?
My help comes from God, the creator of heaven and earth."

Even as I see our leaders hastening to destroy the earth and inflict harm to her people, I trust in our Source.  There are real heavenly powers that exist that are much greater than those who presently rule this world.  We may take refuge under those wings and in the promises of old. Each of our hairs are numbered.  We are deeply known and loved, even if we don't feel that energy coming from systems of power upon the earth--that's not our true Source.  So take heart, go within, connect to your Source and do the work you have been given to do, to love and serve love for the sake of love in your own unique way.  

This week, let's make sure we are all taking some time to slow down and tune to our inner worlds so that our actions are mindful and in line with our great mission and the highest good of all beings.  Together, aligned with the power of our Source, we can do miracles. Nothing will be impossible. We can be a part of establishing a new earth.    

May all creatures be happy and free.


I'm sharing this message from the on-line course that I developed in my unique exploration of the chakras. The 7 Gates of Resurrection is a seven week healing journey.  This on-line course provides a weekly message, on-line yoga and meditation practices to activate and awaken the seven major energy systems in the human body as we explore each one every week.  This course is unique in that it offers a creative intuitive, imaginative exploration of ancient myths and spirituality of the Divine Feminine.  If you or someone you know is looking for more energy and deep inner healing, I invite you to join me on this journey of transformation.  

Here what people are saying about it:

"New insights through these videos and messages and a beautiful way to share energies! I honor your path dear sister!"

"I'm really loving the 1st of the 7 gates. You've done an amazing job. Thank you for your service warrior Goddess of the light!"

The light in me salutes the light in you.  

Have a blessed, healing week.
<3 Jess