A Day Without Women, the Fearless Girl and the Bull

This fearless girl stature was added in front of the Wall Street bull as a statement on how more women need to be allowed into leadership positions.  But on first glance my gut recoiled because what appears on the surface as a symbol for the liberation for women, is anything but.

The bull was/is an ancient symbol of protection for the feminine--not Wall Street.  The Bull of Heaven was also known also as Gugalanna, the husband of the ancient goddess of the underworld Ereshkigal. It was possibly the death of her bull that sent Ereshkigal into a tailspin of inconsolable grief.  In the ancient myth (which is one of humanity's oldest) her sister, Inanna Queen of Heaven descends to face her mourning sister. It was also partly Inanna's fault that the Bull of Heaven died, for she sent it to kill her lover Gilgamesh/Orion after he betrayed her and refused to remain married to her, after he decided to usurp the natural order of the True King's relationship to the Goddess--which was a promise to rule in harmony with the Earth--and instead went on to create eons of patriarchal dominating warrior societies that placed masculine deity above feminine deity and drove the balance of the planet to the brink of destruction.

This myth reveals to us the consequences of ancient feminine rage which belongs to all women who have grown up in a world that has asked us to sever our connection to our depths and our true essence in order for us and our children to survive under Patriarchal rule.  This story also holds the keys to our healing: the Queens of Heaven and the grieving Goddesses of the underworld must reconnect. The Kundalini energy from our lower chakras must flow again freely up to our crowns.  Compassion upon all the suffering we have endured and the grievances we have done to our sisters in order to survive and the trauma that has passed down through our family lines must be acknowledged, worked through, forgiven and transmuted.

Surviving by the Orion warrior code is what we have on display here on Wall Street.  Rather than a symbol of empowerment, it is actually a symbol of subversion of true feminine power.  The bull, the healthy masculine energy, actually serves as a representation of the true strength and protection of the Goddess.  That it is used to represent Wall Street reveals that the Old Kings who once honored the Goddess have been captured and are being used by patriarchy to continue its defamation of life and the earth for greed. 

The death of the bull of heaven can be seen as the death of the healthy masculine in right relationship with the feminine and the earth.  The loss of Gugalanna tells of how the constellation of Taurus was put in the sky according to our most ancient myths. To this day the Bull of Heaven protects the baby stars and the feminine muses which are associated with the star system of the Pleadies and doves and spiritual inspiration.  Also, many indigenous and Native American people associate this constellation with their stories of origion. The bull's horns represent the uterus and the season of Taurus is the Spring herself which celebrates the return of life to earth.  The bull was also associated with ancient priestesses as the carcasses of dead bulls were places from which bees emerged. Bee hives and symbols of bees have been found at these ancient priestess temples, for the hive honors the Queen and the inter-connectivity of all of our vegetation that the bees make possible on earth--bees that are disappearing under capitalistic consumer economy that flourishes by out of balance means. 

This addition of a "fearless girl" invites women to gain worldly power by standing up against our own true strength; it invites us to continue fragmenting ourselves, to deny our depths of pain, our path to healing and reconciliation, and our true feminine essence.  Notice how the bull's tail wraps around the flag pole, representing that feminine line of energy or Shakti which flows upward to activate our crowns.  When women are set against the bull, they are set against their very nature, and their sisters, and eons of war that has worked to keep the feminine fragmenting and warring against itself.  

We are waking up to the machine that is working to split the two sides of the pyramid so that only the top (the fragmented elite) may flourish.  But when women become allies, when we draw courage to descend to our depths and behold our sisters' depths of pain we face the magic that has been hidden from us.  When we discover fearlessness of our depths, we receive the power of resurrection.  The fragmentation of the feminine--which runs through every living thing--heals.  The Goddess rules in Heaven and on earth once again.  

It has been noted by many who study cycles of time that we are moving through a major transition and this is why chaos is erupting around us.  The time of the patriarchal gods which have ruled with artificial means to create power and a life outside of the domain of the Goddess and all the creatures of earth are coming to and end. The Divine Feminine is returning.  Sisters are uniting.  We are agreeing: we will not demonize our Bull, our ovaries, or our feminine priestess power any more.  What is done is done.  It is now Her time to rise again.

Sacred men, I invite you to take up again the ancient vows as did the Good Kings and Knights of Old.  Vow to protect and defend women, the feminine, and the Goddess in all her expressions.  Renounce your vows known and unknown to repress and divide the Goddess within yourself and others.  Receive Her blessing and return to your sacred heart. 

As it was in the beginning, is now and shall be forever, world without end.

<3 Jessica
Dove Oracle Priestess