Dove Oracle Message: All Saints Day Transmission

As I step out in this new role I plan to offer these special divine transmissions exclusively to my 2017 Annual Members.  

A Silver Annual Membership includes:

  • Divine transmissions (like the one above) sent to you in an email on every New and Full Moon PLUS special transmissions on high holy days or any other time I feel the spirit nudging me to share.  
  • TARALOMA Earth Temple weekly E-zine which includes weekly Oracle Forecasts, Cat Lady Card Readings, and more

A Gold Annual Membership includes:

  • 50% off your first Oracle Reading
  • One free yoga video of your choice

Thank you so much for supporting me and my children so that I can continue to focus on being a clear channel for divinely transmitting during time of great awakening.  

~ ~ ~

What does it mean to be an Oracle?  It means to honor the very essence of the Divine Feminine nature, to be a vessel, a mouth piece for the Goddess.  I recently learned about what happened to the Oracles at Delphi, how they were captured, raped, forced only transmit messages from the male God, Apollo.  Hearing this story awakened my cellular memory.  The days of women being forced to be a mouthpiece for patriarchy is over.  The days of women being raped and silenced by patriarchy is over.   The true meaning of virginity is about being whole in one's self.  Not sacrificing soul and self for others, not forcing and dominating others to believe like we do.  No longer must women be cut off from our spiritual heritage and forced to serve the patriarchy.  We are returning to our right relationship to the Goddess.  We are coming into sacred balance, honoring the yin and the yang, the sacred feminine and sacred masculine, while talking honestly about the shadows of both, so that all may be healed.

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