Sacred Wood Nymph, A Year of Fairy Wisdom


Sacred Wood Nymph, A Year of Fairy Wisdom

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SACRED WOOD NYMPH, A YEAR OF FAIRY WISDOM: Healing Sexual Trauma with the Energy of Daphne

How do we "capture" something in a sacred way?  Rather than living out of old modes of domination and oppression of the weak within our world and within ourselves, Daphne the Wood Nymph invites us to play again and heal as we dance with our own tenderness in the beauty of the natural world to which we all intrinsically belong.  She allows us not to capture her body, but images of her tenderly free and intrinsically feminine spirit.

During this sacred play I learned that Daphne knows the way to unlock the healing wisdom of the trees.  In the myth, Apollo chases Daphne to rape her, but Gaia saves her wood nymph by turning her into a Laurel tree.  Laurel wreathes are crowned upon the true victors because Daphne teaches us the true power of vulnerable femininity. Daphne's energy softens our compulsion to subdue nature and our own souls so that we may learn how to return to the sacred joyful, playful, balance of masculine and feminine energies, of the yin and the yang.

This project is a celebration of my 40th year and the healing that is possible for victims of sexual abuse.  (I'm sending so much love and light to my teenage self: we made it so much farther than you ever imagined!  Good work us!)  Yoga and meditation practice has been a huge part of my healing journey.  That and the work of Detoxing God, which I'll be talking about more soon!  Learning how to stay present in the moment, within my body and compassionately witnessing whatever fears and joys it is feeling rather than detaching, dissociating and zoning out in intimacy has taken years of incarnational healing work.  Special thanks to my partner and probably the only photographer I could trust to take pictures like this, Grant Swenson, who has cheered me along this healing journey, and made me feel safe enough to come out of the woods (and frolic naked in them too!) <3

It is my hope and intention that this calendar will unveil the illusions about softness equating to weakness, and weakness and things feminine being of lesser value (and thus must be dominated) kind of thinking in our culture.  Instead let us move into the work of creating sacred shelters for humanity to flourish in our natural environment, for children and vulnerable populations to have access to healing communities of compassion.  This calendar also includes new moon and full moon dates with times to seed your intentions for co-creation and manifestation of intentions with the lunar cycles.  May this work soften our hearts to the fairy playful and fiery feminine spirit that has the power and strength to heal and transform our world as she ushers us into a more sacred balance.  

Presently I have a small batch of five copies available.  $10 of each purchase will be donated to RAINN, Rape Abuse & Incest, National Network.  

Shed a little light in your world, sacred ones.  Come out from under that bushel! 

<3 Jess

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