Weekly Oracle Forecast Nov 13-19


I think the Buddha was onto something when he said that what makes us one is our suffering. It's our attempts at denying the suffering that really creates all the problems.  When we can't even feel the depths of our suffering, that we have to project it upon someone else in order to contain it, fears, self-loathing, self-hate, all this stuff can seep out of us and onto someone else because it can appear too big to contain, too other to own, too much of a threat to our ego and our present way of life.

Orange is the color of the 2nd chakra which is all about creativity.  

Chaos precedes new life.

I had to find a baby picture of Donald J. Trump so I could reach beyond the walls of our mutual self-protection and practice to connecting my heart to another expression of creation.  In my transmission below I find myself beholding a wounded little boy who was taught at a very young age to shut down his connection to his feelings in order to be a man.  This is the soul of the man I want to retrieve for all of us, because it is also an aspect of our humanity and our collective consciousness, for all souls come from the one source of life.  

The way through is to love all parts of self, for we are each a reflection of our wildest dreams and deepest fears.

DT's grown up image triggers that part of me that was able to deny my own suffering for many years, that part of me that knew how to push down my true feelings, wants and needs in order to fit in and go with the flow and find acceptance in the dominant culture.  It reminds me of an overly critical voice I used to have, that treated myself with less respect than I deserved because I was complicit with a culture that devalued the feminine and things considered weak. 

For years I blamed the culture.  That was a part of my awakening.  Then I had to begin to face my complicity.  I had to look into the wound and face all the ways in which I devalued myself.  I had to claim my sovereignty and move from my victimhood into power as I picked up the girl who was waiting for a hero, as I work on being the change I wish to see in the world rather than pointing out the faults of everyone else.

I have been learning how to love those "unlovable" parts of self for many years now.  I understand how a wounded child can wall themselves off, putting the scariest faces in front of their most vulnerable aspects.  If we can stop reacting to the walls of fear, we can learn to compassionately see behind the veil, behind the scary protective masks, the wounded child who is throwing a tantrum.  

If I can be a good mother to myself, I can also mother other wounded children. 

Each of us holds within us a sacred core, an inviolable spirit.

Each of us has sacred vulnerable edges that long to expand into the unknown.  

May Jacob's ladder connect the sacred dimensions of soul and universe.

The shadow appears to be healed.  

Great mothers, it's time to rise.

The opposites are designed to hold tension, structure, soul, spirit, light--not to war against one another.  Children, be at peace with your brothers and sisters.  

Once the suffering is witnessed with compassion, the dread dissolves and joy rises again.   The Great Mother shows compassion for all who are brave enough to enter her chaos and witness her suffering, which is our own.  For as we own our complicity, we can die to the old ways of life, experience transformation, and rise again.  We are a part of an ancient story

Humanity's wounds go way back.  Some of us have been working on healing them.  Some of us are still focused on blaming someone else for our suffering and willing to do to others what was done to us as we find our way to more awareness.

Though it appears chaotic, this is the terrain of new life.  We are indeed moving towards oneness; not the kind of oneness that forces conformity, but the kind of oneness that creates unity consciousness as it honors all expressions of life as an expression of our One Source.  

Suffering cannot hide underneath the rocks anymore.  It is out in the open to be seen so that all can be healed.  

May rage lead to us to transform existing structures of hate.

May grief lead us to self-love.  

May fear lead us to refuse to stay asleep in our lives any longer.  

We are the ones we have been waiting for. 

We are enough.  

We were made for such a time as this.

Donald J. Trump as a toddler.

Donald J. Trump as a toddler.

This is an oracle transmission I did last week after I was in a deep meditative state as I asked what can heal us now?  I share the vision that came to me.       

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