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Here's to those who have been silent all these years <3  This is a cover of one of my most favorites songs by the most lovely, my absolute favorite artist, Tori Amos. 

-Tori Amos
Order a copy  : Sacred Wood Nymph, A Year of Fairy Wisdom &nbsp;The pictures for this project were taken during a vulnerably healing photo shoot where I frolicked with the energy of Daphne the Wood Nymph as a way to release sexual trauma. &nbsp;I created this project with the intent of finding a way to return to feeling more safe and at home in my body.&nbsp;

Order a copy: Sacred Wood Nymph, A Year of Fairy Wisdom The pictures for this project were taken during a vulnerably healing photo shoot where I frolicked with the energy of Daphne the Wood Nymph as a way to release sexual trauma.  I created this project with the intent of finding a way to return to feeling more safe and at home in my body. 

SACRED WOOD NYMPH, A YEAR OF FAIRY WISDOM: Healing Sexual Trauma with the Energy of Daphne

How do we "capture" something in a sacred way?  Rather than living out of old modes of domination and oppression of the weak within our world and within ourselves, Daphne the Wood Nymph invites us to play again and heal as we dance with our own gentleness in the beauty of the natural world to which we all innately belong.  She allows us not to capture her body, but images of her tenderly free and intrinsically feminine spirit.

During this sacred play I learned that Daphne knows the way to unlock the healing wisdom of the trees.  In the myth, Apollo chases Daphne to rape her, but Gaia saves her wood nymph by turning her into a Laurel tree.  Laurel wreathes are crowned upon the true victors because Daphne teaches us the true power of vulnerable femininity. Daphne's energy softens our compulsion to subdue nature and our own souls so that we may learn how to return to the sacred joyful, playful, balance of masculine and feminine energies, of the yin and the yang.

This project is a celebration of my 40th year and the healing that is possible for victims of sexual abuse.  (I'm sending so much love and light to my thirteen year old self: we made it so much farther than you ever imagined!  Good work us!)  Yoga and meditation practice has been a vital part of my healing journey.  That and the work of Detoxing God, which I'll be talking about more soon!  Learning how to stay present in the moment, within my body and compassionately witnessing whatever fears and joys it is feeling rather than detaching, dissociating and zoning out has taken years of practicing deep incarnational healing work that I am honored to share with others. 

Many of us who were abused at a young age or dependent upon our abusers (or fed lies by the media that taught us to devalue our natural body and purchase our salvation from toxic systems of oppression) we internalized the critical voices of our abusers for our survival because we were dependent upon them and could not break away.  This is a common symptom of trauma survivors.  When it would overwhelm the still fragile developing ego to consciously see and name the abuse around us, the conscious knowing of abuse hides and goes inward causing dissociation and fragmentation of the self.  This work is about un-fucking ourselves from that cacophonous nightmare and sorting the seeds of our thoughts as we own the ways in which we have unknowingly participated in our own self destruction.  This work is about the ongoing learning to cultivate deep unconditional self love and care as we reconnect with our original wholeness. This work is about showing young girls that ageing is not scary, that our bodies are never ugly, especially not after having babies <3.  This work is about liberating wisdom and beauty so that these essentially feminine energies incarnate us as embodied sacred geometrical pieces that belong to the human family throughout our entire lives.

Special thanks to my partner and probably the only photographer I could trust to take pictures like this, Grant Swenson, who has cheered me along this healing journey, and made me feel safe enough to come out of the woods (and frolic naked in them too!) <3

It is my hope and intention that this calendar will unveil the illusions about softness equating to weakness, and weakness and things feminine being of lesser value (and thus must be dominated) kind of thinking in our culture.  Instead let us move into the work of creating sacred shelters for humanity to flourish in our natural environment, for children and vulnerable populations to have access to healing communities of compassion and healing centers rich in good clean earth (where other people can frolic naked too because it is so healing!!!).  This calendar also includes new moon and full moon dates with times to seed your intentions for co-creation and manifestation of intentions with the lunar cycles.  May this work soften our hearts and awaken our bodies to the fairy playful and fiery feminine spirit that has the power and strength to heal and transform our world as she invites us to return to the sacred balance.  

Presently I have a small batch of five copies available.  $10 of each purchase will be donated to RAINN, Rape Abuse & Incest, National Network.  

Shed a little light in your world this week, sacred ones.  Come out from under that bushel! 

<3 Jess



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Goddesses at War: Healing Our Fragmented Feminine Natures

Listening to the sacred sound of bees in Maplewood State Park, Minnesota and praying for peace.

Listening to the sacred sound of bees in Maplewood State Park, Minnesota and praying for peace.

When my mother and I began this project of exploring the Goddesses, our faith, and our relationship back in January I thought we could push this baby out before Lent.  Then Lent came and went and we decided we could make this happen in the season of Easter.  But the Goddesses refused to be squeezed into our timelines and demanded that we give them more time and space to tell their stories.  As we were wading through centuries of mystery and mud, the deeper we went, the more strained our relationship became; my mother and I found ourselves feeling misunderstood, hurt, and silent, ironically at the gate we had designated for the throat chakra.  

In the midst of all of this, more violence erupted in our culture, making this work feel almost irrelevant.  But the more I considered the systemic roots of violence, I realized that the return of the Goddess brings the essential healing for which we are all searching.

Many women have issues at the throat chakra from history's long silencing of our stories.  It is well known that the church traditionally focused on stories written by men for men and that history is written by those who won wars.  The stories of women were omitted in the lectionary readings and the characters we often heard about growing up (as we do in many modern day stories and movies) women often play the side kick—as if they are not a subject in and of themselves.  Today women are groomed to lower our naturally high pitched voices in order to talk and act in more masculine ways so that we can be heard and respected in our communities.  We have been trained to act like a man to survive; we divide and conquer ourselves in order to survive in a patriarchal culture where the feminine is devalued.  The Goddesses war. 

Our collective consciousness still bears the pain and taboo of thousands of women who were hung (at the neck, the throat chakra) or burned at the stake for speaking their truth or for simply being a woman who was perceived of as evil during the Inquisitions and the witch trials.  Before the rise of scientific rationalism, women were the natural healers in their families and local communities.  Women were the gatherers of herbs and medicines and the knowers of the magic of human touch, which is often restricted in modern day societies and hospitals where more invasive--even life threatening treatments-- are preferred to natural “weaker” solutions.  Doctors who were unable to heal a patient often blamed a witch for thwarting his efforts.  Women’s wisdom was systematically demeaned and dismissed and then, adding insult to injury, women were labeled hysterical for reacting to their suppression and domination. 

Recently I watched the revolutionary documentary, The Mask You Live In which explores the way boys are raised to repress their emotions.  (Anger seems to be the one acceptable emotion men can express.)  Men share how the worst thing you can call a young boy is 'a girl.' In our culture boys are constantly getting the message early on that being perceived of as weak is a threat to their manhood.  Men are socialized to hate and despise the more feminine aspects of themselves like vulnerability, emotionality and tenderheartedness.  Not only men are taught this, but everyone who wants to get ahead in our country is taught this.  In order to make it in the real world the qualities of compassion and empathy often get in the way of the accumulation of power which often requires that one disassociate from the human family and see the world in terms of “us” vs. “them.” 

This devaluation of the feminine side of our humanity, and the loss of our empathetic relatedness, is fueling our culture of violence and apathy. 

I remember an old friend telling me how he was beat up one day in elementary school and how when he got home his father hit him again for not hitting back.  These are the powerful cultural forces that boys and men are up against, forces that make being perceived of as weak dangerous for all of us. 

If God was never a woman, if being a girl is the lowest common denominator, then how were we ever supposed to learn to value the feminine qualities of vulnerability and connectedness in the first place?  If Eve (the mother of creation) is to blame for sin entering the world, if the Goddesses are only evil witches, if emotions are only experienced as manipulation by a culture that would prefer to stay disconnected so that it can dominate without feeling guilt, then it’s no wonder we are so fragmented by violence today.

When we demonize weakness, the weak appear to us as demons. 

When we demonize weakness we become possessed by violence towards self and others in trying to rid our human family of essentially more feminine aspects of our intrinsic nature. We overvalue independence separating ourselves from the consequences of our actions, from our connection to the earth and to one another, and demonize our natural dependencies upon the earth and community we need to survive, as if any kind of dependence was intrinsically bad. 

Maybe this is why so many people are so angry today.  We were raised to shun weakness in ourselves and in others and now we are supposed to have compassion and love others who embody the very qualities we were taught to see as evil? Many of us lack the internal structures to have compassion for others in need because we have been taught that our true needs were selfish and our weaknesses and emotions were bad.  Many feel that the rules are suddenly changing (and they are) and we are smarting from a world where we did what we thought was right, only to discover it was actually wrong.  Some of us are still fighting that realization because it is a painful one. 

Most of us remember the uncomfortable years of navigating the social pecking order that arises in junior high and high school.  At an early age children are trying to determine (consciously and unconsciously) who is on top and who is on the bottom of the totem pole.  The ones on the top receive our projections of glory, worship, and popularity (and conversely our jealousy—when we can’t also see our likeness in them too) and the ones on bottom serve to hold our disgust, our hatred and our fears (and conversely our compassion—when we can see our likeness in them too). 

Where were you in the social pecking order?  What did you do to remain there?  To rise up or fall?  Who did you break relationships with to make it?  Who did you betray?

As a military child who moved around the country every three years switching schools often, I had the opportunity to experience many different places on the social pecking order totem pole.  I learned a lot about the power of projection and how people in one town may adore you and value your gifts and people in another town may not.  While I don’t know what it’s like to be black in this country, I do know what it’s like to feel the projections of misplaced hatred and shame of a community that perceives you as being at the bottom of the social totem pole.  For one year of my life I held the dark space of the school slut.  I had just moved to a new town before eighth grade, made the wrong friends, and I was sexually abused by a trusted youth leader in the community who was well regarded by the adults.  In his efforts to maintain power and silence me, he spread rumors about me, and before my first day of school in a town where I knew nobody, I was crowned the school whore by my peers.

Every school seems to need a girl to hold this space for the community; it is a difficult place in the human psyche and crowded lunchroom to reign.  Being publicly marked as a slut or a feared minority is like being that piece of sacred earth designated for a landfill.  People need to put their shadows somewhere.  It has taken me a long time to understand that the shadow comes out in order to be healed.  The shadow wants to be integrated.  It is bursting forth from within all of us, and those who are unlucky or brave enough to hold dark space for our most unconscious projections are giving us the gift of consciousness.  Ultimately, they hold the keys to our healing. 

In my darkest days I wondered how I would survive in a world that couldn’t see my true self or value.  On those days, the black female voice has saved me.  Writers like Maya Angelou and courageous women like Rosa Parks modeled to this timid white girl dignity and bravery.  I only had to serve as the school slut for one year—then I moved.  I got to be a cheerleader, I got to experience popularity and white privilege.  I could hide in my looks where others could not hide the color of their skin.  I don’t know how they survive a lifetime of prejudice.  But I want to learn where they find their strength.  I believe they can teach humanity how to recover our dignity against all odds. 

In a culture that raises up leaders and praises them for dominating and controlling others, our human dignity is marred on both ends of the spectrum: the strong and the weak are traumatized by violence.  Those of us who are unable to meet our society’s expectations to be tough and to dominate, end up dominating our souls and our inner worlds, hating our very selves for our inability to conform and be “successful” while still depending on a violent family (as children) or a violent society for our survival.  (See: Stockholm syndrome).

In individuals insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.
-Friedrich Nietzche

Maybe this is why we continue to fear and oppress women and minorities and unconsciously deny what we are doing—we cannot be held personally accountable for following society’s codes, right? We’re not really bad people, right?  Maybe some people don’t view the #blacklivesmatter as a movement for equality; instead they fear (maybe unconsciously) the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction. Maybe those in power fear that what they did to someone else will also be done to them.  Maybe they fear (even unconsciously) that the victims will draw from their years of oppression and finally bring forth justice, and this justice (an eye for an eye type) would bring the same death and destruction that was brought to them.  Who can hold all that darkness?  Where do we put that landfill?  (Jesus is like: bring it.  Lay your burdens on me, stop laying them on other people.)  Archetypally this space also belongs to the great Mother Goddess, the black Madonna, the dark feminine that has been the target for centuries of disdain of our own human frailty and femininity. 

St. Paul wrote about the law bringing death, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  (Romans 3:23).  Unconsciously we do to others what has been done to us; there is no escaping the consequences of our sins, or the effects of our karma.  When we hurt others, we fuel the cycles of violence.  When we deny the consequences of our actions we fuel the illusions and kick the can of healing and reconciliation farther down the road.  Jesus said the greatest teaching is this:  Love God and love your neighbor as yourselves.  (Mark 12:30-31 & Luke 10:27).  To love in the face of hatred and follow this high vibrational way of human life requires that we have a self—that we know what that self feels and we know what that self needs.  But if we are dominating and silencing the needs and feelings of that very self in order to survive in a culture that is constantly telling us not to feel and to simply follow orders so that we can gain power and be successful in life—then we have no idea how to treat our true self—nor anyone else’s for that matter. 

It seems to me that many of us are terrified of facing how we really truly feel.  And who has the time to descend into the basement of our very being and retrieve the soul from the jaws of death? If we aren’t getting paid to do things: like raising our children and salvaging our souls, then it is assumed in our capitalistic culture that these things aren’t really valuable to the greater good. 

Some people decide that things are so messed up that maybe it’s best just to numb ourselves and live lives of denial because we believe we are powerless to change anything. 
And yet, the violence is erupting; the shadows are demanding to be seen.  We are not going to be allowed to stay numb.  We will either have to descend into the darkness we have inherited and do our healing work consciously, or we will be dragged into the underworld kicking and screaming to face what we have left rotting there in order to experience resurrection.  We can't escape it; resurrection must happen in the natural cycle of life.

In a society like ours that has become a world power by dominating and stealing the land from native peoples, raping and pillaging the earth of its vital resources, and destroying others countries and economies for the benefit of a few, we have created a lot of natural consequences which are now returning to us.  We have a chance now to open our eyes and face the horrors that we have created in our quest for power and in our blind ignorance (of things known and unknown, things done and left undone). In our collective efforts to divide and conquer the world, we are now waking up to the consequences of how we have allowed our communities and our very souls to be divided and conquered, if we are brave enough to behold the truth and surrender to our healing while resisting the powers that wish to control us through fear and violence.

In the ancient days hell was not understood as a destination for punishment at the end of one’s lifetime; the flaming underworld was known as a realm of the Goddess who helped humans transform their pain into new life. Jesus also teaches a similar message when he says, take up your cross; our salvation is found in walking through our pain, not avoiding it.  For many of us the descent is a journey down from our rational thinking mind into the wisdom of the heart.  Here the flames of love can make all things new.

Just as the bees are experiencing colony collapse disorder, so too are we experiencing the breakdown of our society.  The totem poles and ladders of power are toppling all around us and giving way to a new emerging form: the sacred circle of the human family where no ground or person is allowed to be a designated landfill for our unconscious shadows.  We are waking up to the holographic universe of which we each hold an essential part.  We are realizing that what we do to another we do to ourselves.  We are connected.  We are integrating what we know.  This is a time of tremendous healing and transformation.  We have gifts to use.  We have voices to share.  We are ascending into our higher natures.  We are leveling up now.  We can do this.  In fact, we were born to do this.


This brings us to our next gate in our Divine Like a Girl, Descent to the Goddess project:  the heart chakra where we will explore the Mary, the Black Madonna and the Goddess Isis.  These images of Divine Feminine energy hold keys to help us descend into the depths of our human suffering, to search for all our fragment parts, and rise to new life again.


Divine Like A Girl
Descent to the Goddess: A Sacred Coloring Journey

Gate Seven
Crown Chakra

Gate Six
Light Chakra
Hecate & Persephone

Gate Five
Sound Chakra
Athena & Artemis

Gate Four
Love Chakra
Mary & Isis

Gate Three
Fire Chakra
Hestia & Demeter

Gate Two
Water Chakra
Aphrodite & Hera

Gate One
Earth Chakra



The Practice of Wholeness: Finding Gold in Our Shadows

I've been diving deep into working on integrating my shadow stuff so that I can better align my life with my soul's purpose and while this work can be exciting it's also super challenging!  One thing I often find is that when I make a move in a new direction, I find resistance popping up pulling me in the opposite direction.  Any kind of growth and change in life is going to challenge the parts of us that are comfortably fine living in the hell that we know rather than risking the adventures awaiting us that we don't yet know.

All parts of us don't grow up at the same time or the same speed. Our Math education may be stuck in fifth grade while our English education got a Master's Degree.  Or we may find we prefer to adult in logical mode and avoid all those feelings that are unresolved from our childhood.  Where we have made a past attempt at growth and been wounded, we are at risk of stagnation, depression or loss of soul.  It's scary to revisit those raw or unknown places and in our culture we don't really like to talk much about what's really going on inside.  But the outside is inside and the inside is outside--so we can't really avoid it either.  Our life is a mirror.  

The good news is that our wounds have the potential to become the vehicles for our soul.  Our wounds are doors to the divine, if we are willing to sit with that which is uncomfortable and offer it compassion instead of shaming it away, denying, disassociating, blaming, running away in addictions or busy work.

Once I realized that this heavy persistent nagging in my heart, or the anxious thoughts in my head or the scary figures in my dreams were actually pieces of my soul begging to be integrated into my life, I started to get more curious and less scared.  I put on my Nancy Drew hat and began to unravel the mystery.  Each time I made a discovery, new life, vitality and energy would unlock within my body and I would experience a healing.

Many of us are forced to make Faustian deals with the devil.  People tell us: you can't make money doing what you love, so we decide to spend our lives doing what we hate to make money.  Or we believe we are unlovable so we settle in a relationship and give up the hope of true love for some kind of stability.  Or we can hardly stand our own vulnerability so we unconsciously hold extra weight in our body that just won't shed no matter how much we exercise or diet.  It may scare us to feel powerless, so we hide behind powerful masks so we can avoid facing our own fear of smallness.  When strong emotions strike out of the blue, the shadow is rearing it's head and asking us to look and see what is at the center.  Carl Jung calls this a "complex".  Usually it's those things we can't own in ourselves that come back to haunt us and ask us: are you really going to disown this part of yourself?  Our shadow contains a piece of gold, that aspect of divine that we have not yet been able to integrate into our consciousness.

Yoga is a practice of wholeness.  Doing the postures (or the asanas) is a part of yoga.  The whole of yoga is you--all of you--welcomed home to the great banqueting table.  So next time you are gripped by a complex, do something different than avoiding.  Offer the uncomfortable a cup of coffee, a pen, a few minutes of silence and see if you can also offer it some compassion.  See if you can discover the gold behind the dread, the peace waiting to be found behind the fear.  Whatever arises--offer it love-- for that is also you.  

I've picked a presidential candidate that's easy for me to loathe.  Instead of allowing myself to get stuck in all my worries, I have been contemplating how, yes, I too could be easily blinded by the promise of total power where I could wall myself off from any relationships that make me uncomfortable.  I have felt those deep insecurities before too.  That's me too.  We are not so different my enemies and I.  Given the right circumstances all of us are capable of acting like all people act.  So when you find yourself thinking: I would NEVER do that!  Imagine how given the right circumstances you actually might.  Once enough of us understand that, the love and compassion we are able to cultivate for our neighbors and ourselves will transform the world and bring about the spiritual evolution we are longing for.

The work begins within.  All are welcome.  All parts of self are invited to feast at the soul's table. 


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