The Sun Salutes Medusa Today: A Yoga Sequence with Jessica

practice 24.jpeg

My astrology SiStar and star momma, Lalita Karoli posted today that the asteroid Medusa is conjunct the Sun today. Here is a practice to honor the Dark Feminine deep in the earth, and the energy deep in our hips and hearts. This is a grounding practice to awaken Shiva/Shakti, to awaken life frozen in the Void, and to hold powerful compassion even in the face of fear.

I’ve spent fall going deeply inward, having fewer clients, hungering for quiet and deep silence (which is a challenge in a house full of 7!). Most of my free time is being spent in quiet, in nature, in meditation and wonder. Today as the Sun looks into the void, I open to make the unconscious conscious. To heal the distortions and wounds between man and woman. To hold as the Great Mother herself holds, the expanse of all, and then around that, an even deeper healing love.

I share with you today a yoga sequence to open the hips and the heart and to ground into the body rooted in this beautiful earth. Enjoy these gorgeous professional pictures by Nels Hunstad @Lost in Fargo… While we were out on the shoot we realized our families homesteaded in the same South Dakota town! I’ll have to ask Grandma about that! :) What a wonderful world.

(Each picture has a title and description of the poses. Some devises may not show the text. You may add my music to the background of your practice if you like: go here to listen. This is an advanced practice. Play yoga at your own risk! Private lessons available <3 Take care. Be well. )