Weekly Oracle Forecast September 11-17

This week I had the opportunity to travel to Cannon Ball, North Dakota and see for myself what was going on.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  •  Before I arrived at Sacred Stone Camp we were stopped on a stretch of the highway that was shut down, an "information check point" staffed with half a dozen National Guardsmen to verbally tell each driver to watch out down the road for possible people ahead.  (How many tax dollars does this cost???)
  • Outside of the camp site tons of signage amply warned us to slow down, love the land, #NoDAPL, Water is Life, Protect the Water, etc. (Volunteers, wearing bright vests, mindfully directed traffic.)
  • Signs read: no drugs, alcohol, or weapons allowed (and I didn't see any).  I did see lots of good, clean, fun energy!
  • I received a warm welcome by the Lakota/Dakota people who shared their stories around the camp fire, danced, told jokes, cried, drummed, sang and prayed.  
  • I saw a brilliantly organized kitchen staff that offered hot meals (and coffee!) to everyone who came to the camp (including pulled pork and buffalo stew!)
  • I learned how the entire purpose of the camp is to pray for peace and to protect the land, for water is our first medicine.  
  • I saw grown men and young boys tear up as they reminded us that when the water is polluted, we are polluted, our children are polluted, and our ancestors are grieved.  I have never witnessed such tender, brave sharing of men. Their care for the earth in spite of all the heartbreak they and their families have experienced in the generational traumas they have survived was one of the most remarkably moving moments. 
  • I heard from people all over the world who had found their way through insurmountable odds to get to North Dakota and come and hold sacred space for this land. They came because they know that what happens here, happens everywhere.  When one river is polluted, the loss of life has far reaching effects.  Never in history has this many native nations gathered united like this. Elders spoke of the great forgiveness and reconciliation that is happening among them.
  • People at the camp are praying for you and me, for every living creature of the earth, every single day.  
  • I experienced extreme hospitality, I saw real community, I felt SO MUCH LOVE.  


One of the speakers said what many of us were thinking: this isn't just about a pipeline.  This is about the people of the earth, all people, uniting in a common cause to protect the land and all creatures who depend upon the land for the benefit of all of life.  This is about turning the tide. This is about waking up to our participation in self-destruction.  This is about humanity ascending into a new golden age as we return to an ancient way of life that unfolds in the sacred balance causing widespread healing, true emerging wisdom, and deep reverence for all living beings.

As a descendant of Norwegian immigrant settlers who lived on the Native American's land after they had been forcibly removed, I have benefited in having access to power and social advancement from the horrors done to the Native American people; my own healing requires that I make reconciliation with this dark history beneath my feet.  Soul expansion requires land connection.  We simply cannot afford to ignore the backs and blood we have built our lives upon any longer.  We need to learn from the wisdom of Native people who were the first care takers of the earth.  (I want to write in the Native American elders for president!)

Many of us were raised in a religion and a culture that valued intellectual ascent.  But trying to ascend to God without connecting also to heart and gut is called Spiritual By-Passing.  It's a common practice in many forms of religion that actually causes repression of soul (while pretending to do the opposite).  Listen to my confession and deep convictions about the healing path forward for many of us in this week's Oracle Vlog:  

This seven minute song poured out of me one day (gosh ten years ago now!)  I sing it to get myself grounded in the truth of my being.


Half Lotus is a great yoga pose for meditation.  Sit cross legged and draw one foot onto your thigh or knee (or just stay in a simple cross legged pose, you may also sit on a blanket or use pillows to support your legs if your hammies and hips are tight.)  Draw your shoulders back as you open your heart and slightly tuck in the low back to lengthen your spine.  Tuck your chin slightly to practice Darth Vador breathing (or Ujjaya breath) to focus your mind.  You may use a mudra, or a fingering position that helps circuit the energy through your body such as pressing the index finger into the thumb which symbolizes the ego in submission to the divine. Practice sitting for 10 minutes a day and work your way up to 45 for life changing results.  

Practice meditation for 20 minutes every day.  
If you're too busy to meditate--you should practice for an hour
-Zen Saying. 

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In remembrance of all who lost their lives on 9/11 & in gratitude for all of our service workers <3

In remembrance of all who lost their lives on 9/11 & in gratitude for all of our service workers <3

Be the change you want to see in the world.  You can do it!
The light in me salutes the light in you, namaste, namaste!
Love, Jessie