Weekly Oracle Forecast Sept 4-10


We have entered a gateway that has the potential to deeply transform us with the eclipse that occurred on September 1, which was also a new moon.  New moons are a powerful time to seed your intentions and refocus on what you are here to birth into your life and into the world at this time.  Mercury, the god of communication is also in retrograde until September 22, which intensifies this time of introspection and total house cleaning that we are being asked to do at this time.

Transformation sounds nice when you’re kneeling to the porcelain goddess and purging sickness (like several in my home were this week) because it is clear that we are in need of healing.  But when we’re feeling like we’ve got our lives under control, an invitation to transform sounds like an invitation to annihilation.  Ultimately though, what is being annihilated are the many illusions that are keeping us living a life that is too small for our soul’s purpose.  It hurts because we have identified and clung to these illusions as if they were actually our true self.  But it is the emerging soul of the divine within us that will not allow us to silence our truth, live a duplicitous lifestyle, or worship false gods masquerading as the real deal.  

It is becoming crystal clear that we are living out of balance with nature.  As whales are beaching upon shorelines with bellies filled with car parts and millions of bees are killed with insecticides meant for mosquitoes, many of us are thinking: enough is enough.  I recall as a young girl growing up believing that something was wrong with me.  On TV and magazines I was presented with all these products to "fix" my inherently wrong nature and in church I was told how my original nature was sinful.  Last week I was reading a tech magazine about how nature is to blame for the death of bees (not pesticides) and our new savior would come in genetic manipulation.  I don't know about you, but I'm done believing in those lies.  Nature is not here for us to dominate and control, (nor are women, minorities or children).  She is here for us.  She heals us.  She has many mysteries that we have not even yet discovered.  She will help us thrive when we stop the domination and control programs and remember how to live in sacred balance with her.  

This week I tried my first Oracle Vlog on this issue:

The 42 Laws of Maat are older than the ten commandments found in the Old Testament, which may actually be a derivative of the original laws of sacred balance.  I have posted them here for you to read.

Living here in North Dakota during this unique time we have an opportunity to face our mistakes and rewrite history with renewed consciousness.  I am saddened that our local paper and many of my friends in the community remain silent on the pipeline issue. Today's Fargo Forum featured a prominent opinion writer (paid for by the Forum), "We cannot allow small factions of political extremists a sort of heckler's veto over critical infrastructure." I'm sorry, but the native people of this country are not political extremists, nor hecklers for defending this planet for the well being of all of us.  They are our forgotten consciousness and the road back to our heart and soul.  I also understand the weight of silence, as a victim of child sexual abuse who has only recently found courage and strength to speak and pursue legal action against my oppressor.  As we gather our courage and take our stand in our lifetime we will see if enough of us have awakened to turn the tides so that our sacred bodies and sacred lands may be treated with dignity and respect once again.  

As a sacred woman, I understand that the inside is outside and the outside is inside.  This past week I had to face again the subtle ways in which I continue to dominate my own soul in order to feel safe in a world that I fear would reject it.  I realize that this work begins first with me.  I have to face the ways in which I have participated in dominating my feminine/yin energies in service of the more favored masculine/yang energies.  As an intuitive who had many mystical experiences as a young girl, I shut down those knowings and rejected parts of myself in order to try and fit in and survive.  As I grow deeper into my priestess training and oracle work, I am unearthing years of shame that has served to silence the truth of my being.  It's terrifying at times to speak out, but what is more frightening to me now is silence and complicity with the powers of empire.  Coming into harmony with soul is a practice that takes time, presence, silence, courage, and dedication.  I honor each of you who are doing this in your life too <3 

As a relatively new person and outsider in my local community, I share the gift of my voice as I have less social pressures to remain silent.  I offer this inspirational piece from MSNBC to ignite our passions to speak out against injustice to remind us all that when we stand together, we are stronger:

May we have the courage to right the wrongs of history and lend our voices to the rising of the soul for is the time to return to the sacred balance.

Cat's Advice:

Ace of Sky: Be on the lookout for thought forms that do not serve your highest good or the highest good of all beings.  Thoughts are powerful.  Utilize yours for the very best.

The Emperor, Reversed: This cat in its upright position rules over all of creation with dignity.  In reverse, beware of ruling over others in a way that does not serve your highest good and be aware of those who are assuming authority over you only to take advantage.  All beings deserve their sovereign space and dignity in the matrix of life.  Assume yours you will naturally invite others to do so as well.   

Six of Earth:
Wow I drew this one for last weekend too!  Must be something big coming through.  Showing charity to those in need can change lives for all involved.  Do not assume that your giving will be taken advantage of.  Trust that the spirit in which you give will spread to all involved.  Pay it forward and let generosity rule over scarcity.  

Opening your heart can be scary.  This brave vulnerability can also be liberating and healing! Camel pose invites us to open, open, open!  For beginners, keep your hands on your waist and draw your elbows together.  In time you can reach your hands to your heels.  Start by putting your thighs against a wall and work to keep your pubic bone connected to the wall as you draw the energy up your legs and into your heart.  Slowly release your head and move into your edge making sure to tuck in your low back to avoid any crunching or pain in this area.  To come out, tuck your chin first and rise up.  

In Sanskrit the heart center is called the 'anahata' which means unbroken.  There is a place within us all that remains intact no matter what kinds of traumas we have experienced, divine love still shines through us and it connects us all. Open to the divine love flowing to you and through you this week!

A native american prayer that I set to music, Peace Before Us.  May it be so.