Weekly Dove Oracle Message December 4-10

I just heard the news that the Pipeline will be rerouted from Standing Rock!  My heart is swelling with joy and I am remembering the wisdom that Gandolf told Frodo: even the smallest person can change the course of the future.  What good news and encouragement for our Native people and all of us earth creatures who are working to heal ourselves and the world to experience how standing for love wins.

May we be encouraged as we stand with love in the battles of our own lives that we are indeed working with a force that is much bigger than all of us for our highest good.  For as my dear friend reminded me, "we come from love and we shall return to love."  So take heart, we are not alone.  We are here to learn the power of love.

I want to invite you to this special ceremony on Wednesday, December 21, at 6:30 p.m. in Fargo, ND at Winds for Change (or tune in to our live stream!) to celebrate the Winter Solstice this year.  This is one of my most favorite times of the year because 14 years ago I had my first child on the Solstice and I became a mother.  This year I am celebrating the completion of my Level I Dove Oracle training where I am becoming a different sort of a mother--one who is birthing herself and her voice, as I share and practice sacred oracle work.   During the darkest night of the year, I will offer every participant a special blessing, energy clearing, sound healing as we set our intentions for 2017.  We will meet in a cozy warm room blessed with so much love.  I hope you can join us and pass along the invitation to others who would benefit.

Visit here to reserve your spot and get more information.  Blessings on these darkening days.  May we each discover how bright our little lights can shine <3

Have a great week!