Weekly Dove Oracle Message Dec 11-17


Some poems for these shortening winter days.  Less words.  More dreaming.  Infinite creation.   

Mom's Old Jeans
The creation of the world begins with a thought
Day after day
Year after year

Images conceived
And squeezed into small words
Like old jeans
That do not fit after the babies come

Last year's wineskins
Simply will not hold
This new life


I Call Myself Back

I know this sweet pain
The new life that comes
As the skin tears

It's all worth it
We know
The ripping of the two that became one
And strangers again
The holes in the fabric of our lives
That we cannot mend

I know this darkness before me
This eternal hope
Expands the space between
The unknown
And the unlived dream

I call myself back again
From the places I have lost her
From the other lives in which I have sewn her

I call her back to me
Let me be whole again

Let me be holy



Terra you're dying
And my father is crying
The phone is ringing
The preacher man is passing
It's time to answer your call

Dark your earth like Mary's womb
Guards the seed before the boom
How sharp is your sting?
It's time to face the tomb

My mermaid is keeping
Secrets lost from my speaking
She's smiling
While I'm scuba diving
I've got to find the key

Because these airplanes keep
Coming down
Headed for the church upon my ground
Her terrorists don't need his apologetics
She's got to sing her own song

Oh Terra
Can you spare a little room
For a girl's mustard seed
To bloom?

She says
Dreams can rise
From the ashes of our lives
Like a phoenix take to the sky
Oh girls come on and rise

After your old dreams die
There is new life

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Have a beautiful week.  Be gentle with you.  That's the work now:  LOVE THYSELF, then you shall love the world well.  

<3  Namaste, Jess