Weekly Oracle Forecast, July 10-July 16

Enjoying the beauty at Maplewood State Park last Wednesday.

Enjoying the beauty at Maplewood State Park last Wednesday.

Hello Sacred Ones,  

Last week I posted my first "divine transmission" on my Facebook page with a pledge to share something once a week as I begin to hone this practice of receiving guidance and information following my meditation practices that I am learning in my Priestess of the Dove training.  I expect things to evolve over time and I am looking forward to developing this weekly post as I grow.  For now, I want to at least commit to posting on Sundays some inspiration for the week! 

Being a daughter of a weatherman (and growing up always watching the radar on TV) I just couldn't resist calling these posts forecasts :)

I decided it would also be fun to add an oracle card for the week too, and I may play around with a few decks, but for now I am enjoying using Doreen Virtue's Saints Angel Card Oracle Card Deck.  

So here we go.  

I am learning how to connect to my spirit guides.  I was shown that I have 56!  I had a vision that I was taken up to meet them all and before me stood a large crowd of light beings.  I cried because it felt like I was coming home and I wanted to stay with them.  I was shown that I have work to do still.  There was a beautiful large tree behind the group and my grandfather (who was a Lutheran minister) greeted me first.  Jesus was also there and many others that I have still not met.  I am just beginning to learn how to listen and receive guidance about my own life, clients, community and about world events.  Here is what I was guided to share today:

"Oh children, you are in the thick of it.  You have been pushed to very rough edges.  But you are not alone.  We are here.  (Me: Who are you?  Spirit Guides: We are the ones who remember you.  We are those who have gone before you. We have always been here among you, surrounding you, reminding you of your destiny--it is truly the stars.)  We want you to open to love.  Love is the greatest law.  Love for ALL.  Every piece of creation has a place.  You must discover the sacred symmetry of creation.  You must discover your own sacred symmetry, for when you do a river of peace and love will flow through your entire being and you will learn things you never thought before possible.  You will be able to see clearly through the veils of illusion that so easily imprison you and frighten you now.  Rise light creatures.  Your time has come.  The time is now.  Rise into the love.  Evolve.  Remember how to live in peace.  You were designed for this.  Transform the fears you have.  Gather courage.  Your fears can be great teachers.  Fear teaches instincts, intuition and the perception of true danger.  Fear also teaches you the consequences of a broken relationship with love.  Use the fear among you now to direct you back to love.  Love makes you free."

The card I pulled to guide us for the this week following a really tough few days in our country:

Oh what a wonderful idea!  Music is such a powerful transformer of dark energy.  Just today I was feeling heavy as I was driving and the song True Colors came on the radio and all my worries dissolved and I could feel the beauty shinning in my heart again.  Music has a way of cutting past all of our blocks and communicating directly to our inner worlds.

You can enjoy the song, True Colors here:

Take some extra time this week to let music soothe your soul.  Google your favorites, bust out your old CDs or go for a walk with your headphones in nature (with bare feet! this balances your chakras too!).  Maybe you play an instrument or sing.  Take up the practice again this week.  Let the beautiful music of artists (or birds!) bring you back to the truth of your soul and the power of your purpose here and now.  Discover how you were created to incarnate love in your own unique way.

St.  Cecilia is the patron saint of music, singers and musicians.  She devoted herself to God early in life and at her wedding she decided she didn't like the music someone else had prepared, so she sang her own!  (Ha!  I also wrote music for my own wedding.)  

Let the song that is in your heart lead your way through whatever troubles you are carrying this week. 

Love, Jessica

Enjoy this song I wrote based on a Native American prayer for peace.  Let all around us be peace!