Yeshuah & Pluto, Reckoning the Sacred Goddess Structures on Earth



Some struggle with faith because of the issues in the religious establishment. I used to think it was all completely nonsense and out of touch with real problems on earth. But when the Holy Spirit descends upon you and opens your eyes to the other realms, it’s hard to go on unbelieving. It’s also hard to bring the mystic into traditions that have long lost the value of the feminine expressions of divine.


Though I am not working in the church anymore, (I do embodiment ministry outside now) I spent years trying to make a difference from within. What I learned was that the resistance to the divine feminine is still very strong in the church. I had to choose between staying true to my heart and staying true to an ‘orthodoxy’ that asked me to keep my women’s intuition turned off. The deeper I dig into the rabbit hole of the history of the Goddess, the deeper it went. I lost a lot to stay true to my heart, to not abandon Her anymore.


Since the burning of Notre Dame, “Our Lady” a long history has been revealed linking the church back to pre church times to the cult of Isis. Isis was the great mother before Mary. Her statues of her holding her son Horus were later seen as Mary and Jesus. Mary was not just a common name, but used to connote priestesses of Isis, and it is likely that both Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene were such powerful women who held the secrets of sacred womb wisdom. Magdalene was wealthy enough to fund Jesus’ ministry. She was also probably doing energy work the whole time in the background. She also has a gospel that didn’t make it into the bible—it was hidden, as she was, because her teachings were and still are a threat to the establishment. We are taught to fear the Goddess, and there is a reason, she is a threat. As my friend Meggan says in her new book, it’s the Christianity we haven’t tried yet.


These women knew how to practice parthenogenesis and create life from their own wombs without a man, but with prayer and a connection to the heavenly realms from which they called spirit down to incarnate on earth. This is the potential of a human woman. To make her womb holy. To call down the divine to dwell within her. To create and give birth to divine life. A woman used to know (and some of us know instinctively) how to have holy sex. But many of our wombs have been targeted and wounded and even our mother’s aren’t able to teach us how to work the mysteries of our wombs. For many of us, we don’t know the anatomy of our bodies or how they work. Or we were raised by the male gaze without any sight of Our Mother Goddess. We were raised to see male things as divine and female things as less than divine. We were raised on lies.


While mother Mother Mary became fixed in our imagination as virgin, and the Magdalene fixed as the whore, we have survived an eon of feminine crucifixion. To this day we are waking up to remember how to honor both sides of the feminine: the virgin one in herself woman, and the sexual which is sacred.


Women’s wisdom was buried as the powers of empire coopted Jesus’ teachings. Still his teachings are beautiful and inspirational. His preaching on women’s equality were radical in the days of Rome where shunning women in public was common, where women were property of the Pater Familias. Part of the pain that we are healing is the fall out of daughters turned against mothers, sisters against sisters, denial of ourselves in order to survive under a toxic patriarchal regime. It’s time for the noble feminine to rise and take her rightful place on earth again.


Rape has been a program to systematically traumatize the human population. Sacred sexuality has been denied to us. We have been raised in shame. The shadow Vatican uses little boys to control the “oracle” which they took down as they took down the Goddess, took down her temples, forbid women’s wisdom on earth, and built churches on top of these ancient holy sites.



The asteroid Yeshuah is conjunct Pluto during Holy Week. You can’t make this stuff up. As we remember Jesus’ descent into death on earth this week, so also it is seen in the stars. I think of Jesus visiting Pluto like going to visit an old brother. The Christed energy reaches to the outer edges of our galaxy, just as Christ descended Divine Consciousness all the way into human form and into death.


Pluto is the realm of the Underworld. Also named Hades, the Husband of Persephone, who was the mother of Dionysus—also an underworld fella. Pluto can be all that is deeply internal as well, our deep secret longings, and sexuality. Dionysus was demoted to be less than a god when the church removed sacred sexuality from its teachings and instead insisted that only celibacy was sacred. This broke the sacred polar energies between man and woman from anchoring on the earth. Our life force was used as food for the shadow communion that needs to feed on human trauma to sustain itself. The book of Enoch tells how Jesus descended into the realms of hell and broke the gates that prevented souls from leaving this plane. We have been told this is a prison planet for recycled souls. That the fallen angels came here and raped the women of earth. Hybrids were created. They are still being created. I have seen the warehouses in visions and dreams of where military groups use clones for experiments and then slaughter them all. Those of us who have had our eggs stolen are energetically connected to that which is a part of us. Those of us who are sensitive can feel the great traumas that are being done to life. (The stealing of female eggs and wombs is a real thing and native women are targeted because of the purity of their line). The red egg Mary Magdalene holds reminds us all that life, and particularly a woman’s life and womb is the holiest of temples on earth.

Saturn and Pluto are at the south node in the fourth house of Home, Family and Ancestry. Yeshuah is here, all applying pressure to restructure Earth in the sign of Capricorn. Bigger changes are coming. Keep your hearts open. Be willing to see the shadows, so you will rejoice when the light comes. Keep your lamps trimmed and burning.

Our Lady was on fire this week. While sad to ever see any sacred site destroyed, I am feeling it as a sign of a great clearing and transformation, ashes from which the phoenix will rise. I feel more love available on earth. More wisdom for those with ears to hear and eyes to see! Many women were burned outside of that church. Many mysteries are still hidden from us. Many technologies have been used against us to keep us from realizing our potential. There is actually laser technology that can be directed at a woman’s womb to change the DNA of her eggs into birthing even a different species or a hybrid human. It’s important that women remember how to keep their wombs holy and safe from this technology or any other technology being used against us unknowingly. (I am grateful to offer ancient Holy Womb teachings now to my clients.) We need to be aware that programed life forms would like to feed on us, that we be aware that fallen angels are still raping us, that we be aware that the sex trafficking industry is connected to this and that humans are being treated like cattle to alien races that have not developed the ability to live from their hearts, and therefore their race is ending, so they are literally grasping for us to get into heaven’s gates.

It is important for us women to develop the dignity and self love to know beyond a doubt that we are worthy of protecting, and to have sacred men stand beside us and agree against the powers which seek to destroy us.

We are waking up to the fact that we are a people ruled by psychopaths. Many wolves in sheep clothing are among us. Many humans without activated heart chakras. Jesus and the Mary’s taught about activating the sacred heart in the human family. It seems this is a technology that is powerful enough to launch eons of war against the Goddess. Even creating shadow armies and giving them her name Isis.


Cobra ( has released intel revealing shadow Jesuit propeganda to get women to shave their armpits because it affects our hormones and makes it easier for darkness to come between man and woman. Watch a few minutes of TV and it’s easy to see how this programming of women to dislike being a woman, or dislike being a wise old woman, or to stay like a meek, subservient, little girl who serves the toxic patriarchy is rampant. It is by design. Not by accident. Humans are not intrinsically as evil as we are raised to believe. Please no more human bashing. We will make this through with compassion.


Sacred Female boundary making is a long forgotten skill that is not taught or encouraged in our culture, quite the opposite. We have not been taught because we don’t even yet know the power of a women’s womb to program our communities. If women’s wombs are traumatized, we will program trauma. If every woman’s womb had joy in it, there would be no more environmental problems on earth, there would be no more war. So peace on earth will begin in the women’s wombs.

We have to learn to see with new eyes that we are not at war with one another, but with an alien intelligence (call it AI) that is bent on destroying organic life. As long as we continue to choose to give away our power or harbor negative attitudes about what it means to be human, we are infiltrated.


Humans are divine children. We are precious. No matter what we have done. No matter how many illusions or mistakes we have made while here on earth. Love is always standing by, waiting for our choice to accept our divine inheritance.


Don’t let the media decide that the fight is between a choice and a right. We get to have both. My womb is a sovereign holy space. therefore, as the priestess of this womb, and the tender of this portal, no one is allowed to desecrate this place: to rape, or force medical choices. These are what we are up against. Female sovereignty is not anti male. It’s anti AI. It’s anti slavery. It’s anti destruction of the earth and the sacred. Please see the players at work to divide and conquer us. Together we stand as the sacred chalice and the sacred blade, the sacred opposites, the staff and the globe, the one and the zero. Let us find the sacred opposite and dance.


When I am meditating now, there is more love and light flowing in than ever before. It’s ecstasy. The police keep showing up at my home while I am meditating. I am being shown that I am being watched. I am pressing into fears of being taken. I am surrendering to the divine unfolding of this time. The angels are near.


There are people walking on earth who are literal zombies. People who are remote controlled by AI and black magic. Times are crucial. Humans are gifted with the ability to send away from earth what we do not want here. Please learn to clear your space and your home and be aware of when you take on energy, thoughts and agendas that are not yours. Much of this is coming through our devises right now. There are ways to close any dark portals that are roping into you or your home. I work everyday to close them. It is a lot of work and they hit us hard frequently.

Jesus has come to me in many dreams. For some he is too closely connected to religion to even touch. For me, he is my main source of spiritual guidance. His message of love resonates still. His teachings and his spirit live on. He, like many bodhisattvas, lifts the human spirit and reminds us what we are capable of. “All these things and more, you can do.” It’s time for us to learn how to do miracles. To heal. To send the demons away. To call in the Christ light.


The sisterhood of the rose is an ancient lineage of teachings. See if you remember them in your DNA or deep knowings. See if you can work your life force to flow from the base of the spine to the heart. For me it has taken a long journey of not inhabiting my body to living in my anxiously running mind (due to trauma), to falling a great descent, to rising again through many trials and initiations, blocks and tests. I have failed time and time again, and yet the ultimate test is to believe that even still, nothing can separate me from this love. You do not have to earn it. It truly is a force that I would not want to stand against. Pick your side.

The times are intense. Beware of the fascism, the thought police and the feeling police. Our greatest power as humans is to feel into our hearts, to create. No AI algorithm will be able to predict our moves of love <3 May love live on and on <3

May these days and all the days forth be holier and holier.