"Detoxing God" Monday Meditations

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Yesterday Lutherans all over the world celebrated 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to the door of the Catholic Church. His voice rocked the church and began a cascade of reform in the church. As a descendant of Lutherans and Lutheran ministers, and as a woman reclaiming my voice and spiritual power that comes from within, as a priestess and ambassador of the Divine Feminine, I stand with the ancient sisterhood of priestesses and in the spiritual lineage of sacred women including Magdalene, Mary, Medusa, Aphrodite, Isis, Inanna, Sophia, and all the women who have been silenced, hung, burned and persecuted under an age of patriarchy--we are here today in spirit and flesh nailing a new reform to the church doors. Is the church now ready for a reformation birthed by the Divine Feminine? We are awaiting our crown's restoration that our collective madness may be healed, that sacred imagination may once again help us co-create God's full-inclusive kingdom on earth.  

As a sister, mother, daughter and friend, I offer my memoir as a voice for continued reform in the church half a millennia later.  I hope you enjoy this reading of the introduction of my book.  I will continue to post readings until I have narrated the entire book, so stay tuned!

Detoxing God is available on Amazon, and also on CreateSpace where I receive more per book if you please.  Thank you for supporting this conversation and work on healing sexual and spiritual abuse.

Blessing on these upcoming sacred days. All Holy Eve. All Saints. All Souls.  As the ancestors draw near, may we make amends, may we press on and continue to walk in the way of love until the good work is accomplished.  May all beings be happy and free. 


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