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It seems our culture has lost an appreciation for mystery in its desire to know and control and attempt to avoid suffering (which unfortunately only creates more).  Much like birth and the expanding YIN/feminine energy that adventures to the edges of human experience to discover something new, mysteries are wonderfully messy.  One of my nick names growing up was "Messy Jessie" as it was apparently easy to spot where I had eaten. (My excuse: I'm part fairy and my mission is to leave bread crumbs in the forest!)

But messy can conjure up a lot of shame.  Having our messy lives hanging out of our ego ideal is painful. We do a lot of shadow hiding, a lot of "squirrel!" a lot of "look over there instead!" Our shared reality has been pretty painful lately.  It's been messy.  And we're just not going to be able to avoid it.  But there's an adventure to be had here too.

Lots of little pieces of paper left over from an epic art project stuck to my feet on my walk to the coffee maker this morning.  Before brewing I surveyed the majestic mess of my living room. I also caught a glimpse of the inner critic who informed me that this was not an acceptable situation; this place is way too messy and by the way you're failing at life and you'll never measure up. Oh that critic can be so gloomy sometimes.  Before I allowed the critic's words become THE TRUTH OF MY LIFE I quipped: that's just your opinion, man.  We build resilience when we practice detaching our ego identity from our thoughts. 

We are beginning to shift our collective consciousness in powerful ways as we awaken to face messy realities on planet earth, and at the same time: truly infinite possibilities.  We are all connected to the One Source of Life.  Yes, even the guy with orange hair.  So some of us have yet to incarnate our highest selves, but the potential is always there, and even more so when we keep affirming it is there.  A wise woman reminded me that Scrooge can change overnight, so let us continue to be open to miracles.  

There's a lot soap boxes, rants and slams in the airwaves as we slug towards Jerusalem to find our way back to the sacred masculine and healthy YANG energy.  I'm always looking for that line between tough and abusive.  When is another human being denied dignity and sovereignty because of our flash projections and reactions?  Just because someone else is being a jerk, if we respond with the same mean-spirit then we are being a jerk too.  Standing strong doesn't mean we play the victim either; it means we are empowered to choose how to respond to all that arises with love (and grace because it's an ongoing practice).  It also means we give people room to make mistakes, learn, and grow.  We need messy creative spaces to make art out of our lives.

Staying connected with our bodies is so vital for staying connected to our Source.  Our task in these times may simply be to become more mindfully aware of what's going on in our inner worlds and practice staying home in our bodies.  For bridging the worth of our souls into a world that more easily denies it is truly the task at hand.  As the snakes of consciousness and unconsciousness twine and prepare to face off, tensions and taboos of awakening are bubbling up from our depths.  And sometimes we find ourselves seared by an old wound that is coming up for healing.    

Usually behind the critical voice is a wound that needs to be greeted with so much tenderness (so if the military has given you any of their fancy toys, do not be fooled into thinking Rambo style will fix what only a compassionate mother can). There are so many critical voices in the world today.  So many are quick to find a scapegoat or make a story about who to blame and why.  I know that strategy doesn't work well in my personal relationships.  What if every trigger from here on out opened up the opportunity to practice compassion towards ourselves and others?  What if we practiced compassion as a collective? Can you imagine the collective shift of energy that would ripple over the planet in the twinkling of an eye?  

Life spirals.  We are remembering past traumas.  We are remembering what happened in Nazi Germany.  We are remembering the flash floods and the great falls of ancient civilizations.  Breathe.  And go deep within.  We are remembering our mission and what we came here to do. We have been preparing for this.  We have been called to this.  We have been created for such a time as this.

It was an epic battle between me and my inner critic before I had a cup of coffee.  But I found my way into compassion as I practiced some of my mantras for motherhood:

I bless this mess
I am grateful for the gifts of imagination and creativity
My mess becomes my message
I celebrate this real human life
Order arises out of chaos (WOW there is SO much potential order here!)

And I shook off the dread.  We can all shake off the dread.  Shake off our chains.  Dissolve the thoughts that come with scary Darth Vader music and tune back in to Love.  And when we forget, or we're just too tired, we just simply begin again.  We just practice.  Life is just a practice.  We came here to remember that we come from love and we shall return to love.  We are just waking up on our journey in between.
Have a compassion-filled week <3

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<3 J



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Celebrating my biggest yoga class yet at Mojo Fit Studios this Saturday!&nbsp;

Celebrating my biggest yoga class yet at Mojo Fit Studios this Saturday!