Weekly Oracle Forecast September 18-24

Welcome to a new week!  The light is decreasing and change is in the air.  It's almost time to nest into the darkening days ahead.  See how you can utilize this time for growing into your soul potential:


As we move into fall we are in Vata season.  The wind is picking up, the leaves are beginning to turn and fall from trees, change and transformation are all around us.  Vata energy is etheric, creative, and expansive.  With all the changes of new school schedules and lessening light, we can feel a little spacey if we're not careful to re-ground.  Mountain pose is one of the most fundamental postures in yoga because it teaches us how to hold the strong grounded energy of the lower body with the soft open expansive energies of the upper body.  To begin, place your feet hips distance apart.  Ground down into the legs by lifting the toes and engaging the muscles of the lower body.  Pull in the knee caps, tighten the glutes, squeeze the muscles at the base of the spine, tuck in the low back slightly and engage the core muscles.  Draw this rooted energy up the body into the heart.  Allow the arms to simply hang at your side.  Chin is slightly tucked so the neck is elongating.  Envision light surrounding your head and expanding into the air around you.  Allow yourself to feel equally the strong contracted yang energy of the lower body and the soft expansive yin energy of the upper body.  Hold for 3-5 minutes.  


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The light in me salutes the light in you!  Have a great week!

<3 Jess