Weekly Oracle Forecast, July 31- Aug 6

Me and my littles this week: trying to pose for a picture but the itchy mosquito bites prevailed :P

Me and my littles this week: trying to pose for a picture but the itchy mosquito bites prevailed :P

The mosquitoes ARE in full force, both those tiny little annoyances and those flying around our inner and cosmic worlds.  It takes us a while to learn that when we scratch, it only makes the itching worse.  As in life, so in the spirit world:  don't scratch the annoyances!  

I'm learning the practice of neutrality.  There are a lot of forces at play that are working to get us all agitated and off focus of our growth work and self-actualization, which is happening at a rapid pace these days!  When we are triggered, we become more easily disconnected from our source, our potential selves, and our vital presence we were created to be in the world.  There are many distractions.  Our work is to remain fiercely in the river of peace especially in the face of violence.  Continue to attune your body to the higher frequencies and possibilities allowing those energies to incarnate our bodies and our world--rather than allowing the lower frequencies to incarnate our bodies and disconnect us from our higher selves and our highest soul-lotions.

Those of us who are especially sensitive have a tougher time NOT feeling all of the energies around us.  I have been working majorly on boundary setting.  I can witness with compassion the suffering around me, but I don't have to endlessly hold the suffering in my own body.  Much of this work is about reprogramming our energies to witness rather than take the fall into victimhood.  We are being called to grow among some pretty big weeds.  Just keep growing.  

The stars are aligning now until December in a similar formation as they did in the 60s.  Energy is ripe for revolution, as we are feeling.  The choice we all have now is whether we will ride the waves of this energy with consciousness.  What revolution will we choose to be a part of? Whom do we serve during this time?  

Will we allow the lower energies of fear and scarcity to play God--or will we allow the higher frequencies of compassion and forgiveness to usher in a revolution of peace and enlightenment?  Do we believe in our human potential for growth? Or have we thrown in the towel and given up on ourselves and our brothers and sisters?  Please don't give up yet!

In the face of all the ridiculousness that has been and will be coming our way, will we stoop to the level of being just as judgmental and harsh?  Will we do to others what they do to us?  Or will we be able to access our higher natures and look with compassion upon the suffering we see--both the conscious and unconscious?  Will we do to others what we would want them do to us?

We are waking up to the violence we have done to ourselves.  Now is the time for extreme self care.  This is not a selfish act that keeps one out of touch with the needs of the world, but the kind of self care that actually heals the world as we heal ourselves.  See, we can only do to others what we do to ourselves.  If we are silencing parts of ourselves and being violent to the soul within us, then we will do the same to others.  As we can behold our whole selves with compassion, we can behold the whole world's suffering too.  What suffering needs most is a compassionate witness. Sometimes just a glance can often begin the cascade of joyful transformation.  Suffering denied grows into tyranny and continues to act out unconsciously the war within ourselves upon others in the world.  

Let's talk politics.  We are being called to have double vision right now.  Called to wake up from naively buying everything we see hook, line and sinker.  Every thing we see has a light and a dark side: a veil and an energy behind the veil.  Our work is to develop the sight to see what is operating behind the veils.  Are we serving energies that are for our highest good and the highest good of all beings?  Or are we selling out to energies that enslave us? Can we witness without demonizing and getting stuck in self righteousness?  Once we dehumanize a person or a group of people it becomes permissible to do them harm which only perpetuates the violence we abhor and are trying to escape.  The challenging work of this time is to seek and find human dignity in every person, even those controlled and veiled by lower energies. Can we look behind the veil and witness the suffering, can we look behind the suffering and see the enslaved soul that longs to be free? As an Episcopalian this is a part of our Baptismal Covenant that I love affirming: to seek and serve Christ in all beings, to love our neighbors as ourselves and to respect the dignity of all human beings.  

If someone does or says something ridiculous, does that give us the right to dehumanize and do violence to them?  No.  Instead it raises the challenge to seek and find and serve the divine that has been hidden within.  It's the double vision challenge.  Most of us are dealing with complexes at play in the world that are shielding and protecting the inviolable human spirit that feels too vulnerable and threatened by a violent world, so its divine face is hidden to us.  If we can appear to that one with compassion, the daemon will often transform right before our eyes. 

For all of Donald Trump's hate speech and lack of compassion, it reveals his internal world of hatred of his most vulnerable aspects.  The energy of this election season has the potential to wake us up to see more clearly the systems at power in the world that we have already made gods in our inner world, which is why they have the freedom to flourish in the outer world.  Donald Trump reveals our misplaced hopes for protection via worldly power and monetary gain, and also our desires for an anti-establishment kind of leader.  Hilary Clinton comes onto the scene as the first woman presidential candidate, aligning with the rising powers of the Divine Feminine.  We are being called to restore balance to our earthly laws which have fallen out of balance with natural law where the masculine and the feminine (or the yin and yang) must be in balance in order to sync up with the sacred symmetry of our created essence.  Our work for thousands of years has been to eliminate slavery within humanity. Power Over programs must be upgraded to Power With. Paradoxically, Hilary also in some ways represents allegiance to the old, patriarchal, wealthy, top down establishment which is scrambling to maintain Power Over, even as it masquerades otherwise.  We are all much more conscious of when we are being dooped, even as numerous forces continue to work to dumb down America.

Will we remain identified with our own powerlessness and thus elect leaders to rule us in their best interests?  Or are we willing to look with compassion upon ourselves and all beings and see the divine child and the inherent dignity within all members of the human family?  Will we serve consciousness rising during this time and help bring about the peaceful revolution of soul?  Or will we close down and add to the illusions and despair?  We can choose to be a part of the problem or a part of the soul-lution.  

So who are you electing this season INSIDE OF YOU to rule and serve over your own holographic realm in the universe?  Once enough of us vote for our higher selves to lead, we will inevitably create a world ruled by dignity for all.  So don't scratch the itch!  Apply the healing balm you know and need :-)  (Oh, and I highly recommend Aveda's Blue Balancing Oil for those pesky mosquito bites!  Soothes skin and muscle soreness in an instant!  My kids LOVE it!)

Oracle Card of the Week:  Sweetness
(from Doreen Virtue's Saints & Angels Deck)

When you feel your third chakra firing up to entangle you in power battles of will this week, practice accessing the softer energies of the heart chakra to surround your frustrations with the compassionate arms of self soothing love.  Practice being your own compassionate witness when difficult emotions arise.  Often times we are dealing with a younger fragile part of self that is feeling overwhelmed and needs our comfort--not our shame or rejection.  Practice listening to these tender parts of self and hearing what wisdom they have to offer you on your healing path.  I will too!

As I reflected on our generosity card last week, I was profoundly moved by the generosity of the earth and how much comfort and nourishment she continues to give me, even as her body is being polluted and her land is being raped.  I was inspired to dig deep and continue to give generously to myself and my children, staying more tuned into her sustaining energy.  I was especially inspired by this powerful Priestess of Juices in the desert and her love of the good gifts of the earth too!  Enjoy!

This week's song is ballad about learning to live in right relationship with challenging people. Erasing one another is not the soul-lution.   We all have to learn how to share the city.

Have a wonderful week good people!  

<3  Jessica