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29 Day Meditation to Election Challenge: Mission, to Elect Our Highest Selves

29 Day Meditation to Election Challenge: Mission, to Elect Our Highest Selves

Hello Sacred Ones,

Welcome to a new week!  Yesterday in meditation I received a powerful instruction to guide people in meditation each day until the election.  I've decided to offer this on my Facebook page where I will be going Facebook live at some random part of the day, every day from now until November 8 to offer a time to connect to source, deep peace, higher wisdom and stable calm.  Connecting to this energy will help serve our communities as we remain tuned in to the river of life that is always flowing beneath whatever chaos surrounds us.  Studies have shown that group meditation significantly reduces crime rates.  Committing to this practice will transform yourself and your surroundings  The more of us commit, the more change we will effect.  Whether you are doing your own personal meditations or using the guided meditation I offer below or following me on Facebook live, know that each time we take time to tune in we are strengthening this force of peace among us for the highest good of all beings.  As we commit to harmonize with these higher frequencies, we will be contributing to the global peace movement in powerful ways. This will help us dissolve and see more clearly through the many illusions being thrown at us to keep us living in less powerful reactive, knee jerk trauma fields.  Instead we want to elect LOVE into the offices of our higher consciousness and into our communities in the next month--this is the true power of the universe!  When we do this work internally, the outer world must match our internal world.  As we manifest peace within, we will manifest it in the world.  As within, so without.  As above so below.  I offer this gift in service to my spirit guides, my highest self and in service to humanity as we journey through the birth canal of our human awakening.  I look forward to seeing you tomorrow on Facebook!

Om Shanti.  Deep peace.  

<3 Jess