Sacred space for sacred creation
by Jessica Zdenek, Creative Healer

"Remember all of you together are a temple of God and God's spirit dwells in you." -1 Corinthians 3:16

TARALOMA offers yoga and meditation instruction, inspiration, creative healing therapies and dream interpretations to support physical wellness and the spiritual evolution of human consciousness.  Many of the pictures above are from my recent spiritual retreat at Sacred Passages in Wimberely, TX.  

Welcome to TARALOMA Earth Temple, a sacred space for all of our sacred bodies.   This name came to me in a dream years ago as I began seminary and was reflecting on what ministry I was being called to do in the world.  The night after my dream (which I immediately dismissed as silly)  I was drinking my coffee and doing my morning devotions when I randomly started reading a passage in Ezekiel about how the shepherds (the religious leaders) where not taking care of the sheep (the people of God-- which are all people) and some were fat, some were lean (some were rich, some were poor) and how the sheep were muddying up the ground and no one could find sustainable food (the earth is being polluted, we are polluting our bodies). Then God said, I will redeem my hill so the sheep can feed again.  I got chills as I recalled my dream which suddenly made sense in this context.  I knew I was being called to help redeem the hill so that this sacred ground would once again nourish our sacred bodies.  The name TARALOMA literally means "earth hill"or body temple.  

Remember all of you together are a temple of God and God's spirit dwells in you.

Our bodies are temples of light, sanctuaries of the sacred, often wounded and walled off by the challenges of life.  My style of yoga and creative healing therapies work to remove obstacles to the flow of life and light energy within the body so that it can heal and integrate properly. Rather than beating our body into submission through rigorous and often harsh critical physical training, the TARALOMA approach befriends and heals the relationship with the body. The whole self is invited to be present.  All of our parts--the beautiful and the scary--bring their wisdom and gifts to the table where even our inner weirdos are nourished with compassion.  As we integrate ourselves, new life begins to emerge from the mud.  Our relationships find right alignment as our body finds it's naturally dignified three dimensional form where we tune in more easily to higher vibrations of love and peace.  Many of our health issues are rooted in our harsh attitudes and treatments of our body and the pain that lives within. As we heal ourselves, we heal our families, our communities as we discover new ways of living in harmony with the earth and all Her creatures.  

Visit my services page to see current offerings or con tact me to see how I can support you or your group.  The light in me salutes the light in you.  Namaste, Jessica.

Divine Like A Girl this Lent

Get creative this Lent and Divine Like A Girl with this sacred coloring journey that descents to the Goddess. Explore the ancient roots of this season as well as the tensions between Christianity and the Goddes through the ongoing conversations and tensions between me and my mom, Julie Hansen Zdenek on my blog.  And mom created all these beauties <3

Mandalas are a spiritual tool to help calm the mind and connect the participant to realms of the divine.  You can download and print coloring pages for $1.11 each and every 11 cents (the number eleven symbolizes a balance between the masculine and feminine) of a purchase will be donated to Episcopal Relief & Development's work on Gender Issues and Women's Empowerment. Use this ancient sacred time to wonder, reflect, maybe even to experience a total renewal. #GenderEquality #LikeAGirl #Lent2016

Yoga anywhere with Jessica <3