6 Month Yoga Healing Program by Jessica Zdenek

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If you're ready to change your life in amazing ways, try this proven formula: 1 hour yoga sessions, 3x a week, for 6 months. This alone would transform your health in profound ways. Along with my education, specialization, and experience I offer these additional ingredients: 

+Personalized yoga instruction for your unique body type
+Clients receive Reiki (light healing) each session
+Be pampered with essential oils
+Meditation instruction
+A confidential compassionate listening ear
+Spiritual Guidance

Is this you?
+You want to begin yoga, but you're nervous about starting in a yoga studio
+You want to feel more alive, revitalized, focused and passionate about your life
+You want to feel good in your body again, no matter how old you are, or what you've been through
+You're interested in practicing meditation to support your overall wellbeing
+You're ready to move past deep blocks physically, emotionally, spiritually, ancestrally
+You suffer from some longer term emotional, physical or spiritual pain that requires a specialist to tailor a yoga practice to suit your individual needs and move at your own pace
+You're ready to see how you can prove your fears wrong and thrive with the support of a mentor, a friend, a cheerleader, and a wellness coach

This is me:
I'm a mom of three and I've been practicing yoga for sixteen years. I used these calming practices throughout my pregnancies, labor, and deliveries and I had ecstatic birth experiences. Yoga also supported me like nothing else through healing childhood anxiety, depression, and releasing the heartache of divorce. I am a 230 hour certified yoga teacher, I have Reiki III completed and I am always continuing to learn and explore! I’m currently studying astrology! I am a certified Dove Oracle Priestess with six months intensive study on meditation and intuitive training through Seven Sisters Mystery School. I have a knack for interpreting dreams and reading Tarot cards. I was a minister for youth and children for ten years in The Episcopal Church; I am seminary trained with a Masters in Theology from Fuller Seminary and I have a Bachelors in Psychology from St. Olaf College.    

This is what my clients are saying:
"I have been doing yoga with Jessica since May. At the time I started, I had no idea the impact this amazing, compassionate woman would have on my life. She has helped me move past trauma that had held me in a really critical place for most of my life, and has showed me how to extend grace, love and compassion to myself.  I have recently committed to a six month program of yoga 3 times a week. And this has been my peace when life has gotten overwhelming. This is the way that this mama of 4 chooses to self care. After 6 weeks on this regimen I have noticed a huge improvement in my mood, a huge improvement in my flexibility, I'm down 10 pounds and can tell that my body is becoming more toned.  And can I just say that I am doing poses I never thought I'd accomplish!?!  I am so excited to see the growth that the coming weeks and months will bring."  -Andrea

"Jessica has been nothing short of essential to my healing process. I have been seeing health professionals for migraines, chronic neck/back pain, and anxiety.  I am so happy I have been supplementing those appointments with one-on-one lessons with Jessica.  I am still in the middle of my healing path, but I can say with 100% certainty that my progress would NOT be as far as it is currently had I not been seeing her.  I also have been taking fewer medications because of these classes, so thank goodness for Jessica!!! I always come to class with pain varying from low to severe.  She is sure to check in to see how I am that particular day so that she can modify the practice accordingly so as to not aggravate the pain any further.  She keeps a close eye on my form during my practice and adjusts my body as needed.  I ALWAYS leave her classes feeling physically, mentally, and spiritually better than when I arrive.  Her wealth of knowledge combined with her intuitive and healing nature (and sense of humor!) makes my time with her the highlight of my week. I very much enjoy the energy work she does as well and have certainly felt the benefits from it, but she is very flexible as far as doing what you are comfortable with. She truly does such a fantastic job and I hope she can help more people just as she has helped me. I highly recommend her to anybody, but especially those looking to alleviate pain, heal from trauma, gain strength/flexibility, or just to feel better mentally/spiritually."  -Gina

"I want you to know that with your yoga and meditation guidance you've helped me more than any amount of clinical therapy ever has helped me, and that's including medication too.  Jessica, you are incredibly gifted and strong and one of the best souls I've ever met. You're an amazing teacher." -Lonna 

If you're ready to make a commitment to yourself and your growth for the next six months, email me at: jessica@taraloma.com and let’s discuss your needs and our mutual availability. You'll receive personalized healing yoga classes each week for six months-- just a little more than you would pay for a group class around town. 

Yoga is more than just the postures.  It is a whole way of life. It's a practice. It's play. Just play. 

Yoga sessions ~2x a week for six months special client rate

Yoga sessions ~2x a week for six months special client rate

Yoga sessions ~3x a week for six months special client rate

Yoga sessions ~3x a week for six months special client rate

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