Our words are powerful.  We create life with our thought and sound forms.  We bless and we curse with our words.  

It took me many years to learn to tell the difference between the voice of my soul, and the voice of the critic.  Before I did, I allowed the critical voice to preach gospel truth all the time.  To the critic, I could never be perfect enough.  The critic would size up every perceived flaw in my body and in my work and leave me feeling worthless and lifeless.  I didn't consciously know it at the time, but another deep part of my soul already knew that the critic's "truth" was bullshit illusion.  Coming into higher consciousness is like this:  a distant ship appears on the horizon.

The critic was making a mess of my life.  Leaving me feeling stuck and never beginning or finishing the work of my dreams because I knew I would never be able to do anything as perfectly as he demanded.  This is happening on the stage of my inner world.  In the outer world, I attracted more critical voices from others into my life because I was allowing (or the unconscious forces of my psyche were allowing) the noisy critic to reign supreme within.  



Several major crisis's erupted in my outer world. Someone I loved more than myself betrayed me.  And without his devotion, I was left to face the terrifying critic all by myself.  This is the Heroes Journey: the soul must learn to slip through the fingers of the tyrant king. This is the journey of miracles.  It's where angels and divine guides show up to help our soul survive and expand.

The soul voice speaks the truth with love.  She's like the Fairy-Godmother we all wish we had.  And we do have her in a way.  If we learn to listen deeply for her.  It's her gentle voice that guides us through our lives, like a tender mother spreads her wings over her eggs.  It's her energy that ultimately puts the critic back in his place.  When he starts going off about something and turning all red-faced, our soul voice just kinda rolls her eyes and laughs.  Maybe she makes him some cookies and sets him upon her lap and wraps him up in his favorite blanket and rocks him until he cries it out and feels better.  

The voice of the soul finds a way to show compassion even to the critic.  The soul voice sees the critic for who he really is--not some big fear-mongering wizard, but a very small insecurity that's desperately trying to find some kind of protection in a scary world.  

I invite you to begin to listen to the speech in your mind.  Listen for the silence.  Listen for any imbalances of the critic.  Listen for your soul voice.  When you find it, follow it.  Let it rise and create the sacred symmetry of your soul.  The practice of meditation is key to this practice.  Meditation teaches us how to observe and discern the voices within the mind.  When the diamond structure is complete, we sit within the ever blooming lotus of love.  The sound of our soul radiates in the fields around us.  The soul voice is wedded to our voice.  And all speech becomes sacred.  

I invite you to deepen your healing journey with the practice of meditation.  I'll guide you all the way.