Thank you for your interest in TARALOMA Earth Temple's Mystery School course INITIATIONS TO SACRED MOTHERHOOD.  This reflective series includes three units of wisdom teachings that explore myths and esoteric mysticism to ignite our imagination and awaken our inner sacred mothers. This course will also include a prenatal routine to inspire your embodied pregnancy--or if you're not pregnant--to simply open your heart and hips! These initiations will guide you through the ancient rite of passage from Maiden to Mother to Crone.  Even if you're not expecting, this course offers guidance on how to lovingly be a good mother to yourself--a spiritual practice we can cultivate our whole lives!

If you would like more support on your initiation to sacred motherhood, contact me to add an hour of MENTORING to your experience for an additional $97 for a one hour session.    


We begin this course by meeting the mythical maiden through various fairy tales and spiritual traditions to see how she is faring in our own culture and life today.  We will reconnect with the ancient tradition of the Triple Goddess as we discover what it means to be a woman by honoring three foundationally feminine aspects of womanhood. We will begin to cultivate a more conscious relationship with our own maiden, as we learn how to tend to her longings and heal her wounds as we see how her energy is essential for our own sacred mothering.


As we move more into the role of mothering ourselves and others often times we find our own mother's words (for better or worse) pouring out of our mouths.  I have found myself thinking: I swore I would NEVER say that to my kids and before I can even catch myself the words are out in the field.  This is because the portal between mothers and daughters is a powerful force of nature designed to carry wisdom down throughout the ages.  But as the Goddess fell in status and the feminine experienced trauma, the disconnect between mothers and daughters grew.  In this course we will explore mythical mothers such as Gaia, Demeter, and Mary and their relationship to their children.  This course will also help us become more aware of the conscious and unconscious expectations we bring to motherhood and free us up to chose our own wise path.  We will also explore the Dark Mother and what she has to teach us about sacred mothering.


The word crone can conjure up scary images of old witches plotting to steal children who wander into the woods.  In this course we will look at the demonization of the wise woman and the loss of magic and co-creation which belongs to the high holy realms of the ancient divine mother.  As we make conscious our own tendencies towards unfeeling and coldness we will see how the archetype of the crone (or the queen) can usher us into our fully feminine potential and our resurrected power.

Jessica Zdenek, MAT, RYT is a single mother of three children, a yoga instructor, a theologian, a priestess, and a deep mythic thinker who will guide you through ancient writings, religions, fairy tales, and dreams on an eye opening journey through confining and liberating images of motherhood.  With teachings, storytelling, meditations, reflections and music, this course is a tranformational experience. 

Whether you are learning to mother yourself or preparing to mother a child or you're feeling ready to take your mothering into new dimensions, INITIATIONS TO SACRED MOTHERHOOD will inspire and your own sacred mothering in all the multifaceted expressions you reveal to the world.  


This creative course includes over 3 hours of audio wisdom teachings, stories, meditations, music, initiations, a prenatal yoga practice, and inspiration for your journey through the portals of sacred motherhood for $144.

“Jessica Z’s prenatal yoga class is nothing short of wonderful! There is no pressure, and I always get a relaxing and thorough workout. She supplements with everything from visualization and singing to calming chants. I really enjoy the atmosphere created in her class. I enjoyed prenatal yoga because while my body was taking a new shape to carry the baby, my weight was shifting and as baby grew it would create different tension spots in my body. Jess’s class really helped stretch these muscles and ease my body aches. Yoga also helped lower my overall stress level and provided a space for quality time with my body and baby. Jess helps to make the class about more than just the postures. It’s a truly safe and comfortable environment and a great way to connect with other mamas! I am so grateful for her dedication and commitment to yoga and teaching.”  -Paige Cermak, Fargo Mom