Embrace the blessing.


Menses noun, (used with a singular or plural verbPhysiology.

1. the periodic flow of blood and mucosal tissue from the uterus;menstrual flow. 
From the Latin, "menses" is the plural of month. 

Menses verb (used with object), mensed, mensing.

2. to adorn; bring honor to; grace.  



Recently this one fact CHANGED MY LIFE.  


Take a deep breath.  

there are stem cells in our menstrual blood.


What does this mean?  

That our blood has the power of life within it.  It's like an egg.  Actually, it IS an egg.  The egg that would develop into a human.  Think about all the power that this little egg must have to hold a human and everything needed to be just so in order for new life to grow!  

And what do we do with that blood?  Well, there certainly has been a lot of clogged up toilets... not exactly the most sacred way to treat such power.  

And yet, when it comes to our periods, many of us have been taught that it's a curse.  We have been silently handed a box of Maxi Pads and been left alone to navigate our way through this once revered and celebrated mystery of womanhood with this strange kind of shame about the fact that we are life-giving creatures holding magnificent power within our bodies! 

Try it sometime:  use your blood to water a plant.  Want to be real adventurous?  Drink it!  Hey if you can shoot whisky and kill your liver, why not take a shot of stem cells and rebuild your whole body??!  Some believe that this indeed is the fountain of youth, the elixir of life.  

Many women are finding that their PMS symptoms are rooted in violence towards the female form.  Women used to gather together in red tents during their moon cycle.  Women of the same community cycle together--close girlfriends discover they cycle naturally together.  Sacred menstruation honors the body's need to slow down and reconnect with feminine wisdom.  Women yearn for a space to rest and relax and share their wisdom with one another.  In this way the community is blessed when they return.  

Our modern day life does't yet respect a woman's cycling nature.  But we can be the change we want to see in the world.  We can remember the ancient ways and begin to make a movement towards wholeness. It begins with us. We begin to respect our nature first.   

One way I can help support the community is by designing private sacred ceremonies for young girls or women of any age who want to celebrate their life giving powers.  Ceremonies can be created for the time when women begin their period that honor and welcome girls into the mysteries of womanhood.  Ceremonies can also be designed around the monthly full moon with a group of your close women friends. Or to mark any period of your life (literally!).     

I invite you to read and explore these resources and consider how you might make your menstruation (menopause/post-menopause) sacred again.