from the mud, the lotus blooms

I'm so excited to welcome people to my new in home studio in Moorhead, MN! I'll be offering weekly meditation classes, private yoga sessions, energy work, tarot readings, musical offerings and more! 

I'm so excited to welcome people to my new in home studio in Moorhead, MN! I'll be offering weekly meditation classes, private yoga sessions, energy work, tarot readings, musical offerings and more! 


7 weeks of remembering, learning and practicing using your intuitive skills and oracular abilities to claim your sovereignty, clear your energy body and revision a better world for yourself and others. We will meet Tuesdays 11am-1pm beginning September 19-October 31. For seven women only.  

Yoga Retreat in pipestone, MN oct 13-14

Healing the symmetry of trauma through yoga and fairytales on sacred land dedicated to peace.

blue lotus music experience
sep 15~7pm

Experience Jessica's music. Relax, receive, be serenaded. Free will donation (Junkyard beer an acceptable donation :P).  Please RSVP via e-mail to


"I love Jessica's classes-great work out and never dull."

"Favorite part of my weekend!"

"Excellent class, Jessica!"

"I loved meeting you, and liked you immediately. Thanks so much; it was quite an experience having you bless our home. During the very time you were there, my realtor received a request for a showing, happening in about 7 minutes. Fingers crossed! It's the first showing in over a month not counting open houses. I'm more comfortable in the house now. You were helpful!"

"I shared with everyone who knew what I was embarking on today that it was truly the best way to start my day!  I'm so grateful to have found you to walk this journey with me."

Detoxing God: A Memoir
By Jessica Zdenek

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

"I had to stay home this morning from work to finish your book ❤!"

"Part 3. OMG. Life changing. Learning so much. Thank you, spirit guide/girlfriend! (Running out of highlighter...)"

"Thank you so much for being so incredibly brave in not only everything you have done but in sharing your story."

"Your writing is beautiful."

"I called my friend last night as I was getting near the end, saying 'You have GOT to read this.' "

"The way you interweave biblical, feminism, [and] Native American [themes] throughout your story is beautiful."

"This book means so much to me!"

"Our experiences, though different hit the same core."

"How wonderful to finally have a generation willing to speak! Thank you!"

"Tears, joy, real feelings in my heart and gut. Wow. Your talent knows no bounds."

"I just devoured your book! Having a similar childhood abuse story, I am so moved by your courageous, bold words."

"I'm gifting your book to a few lucky friends for Mother's Day!"


If my body is church
Then my arms are doors
Swung wide
And waiting to pull you close to my heart

Come sit here and wait
For the music to start
For the quiet to come
So you can hear what I have to say to you

Watch the cynical parade
Recess from the sanctuary
And hold tight to my promise of bliss
Until the veil is torn in two
And my taste is upon your tongue

For once the water drops into the wine
There is no separating you
From God

Hear what the Spirit is saying: what is sown in tears will be reaped in joy. You are an expression of the eternal source of life and as such you are crowned with inalienable dignity that no one can take from you. Our human bodies are earth temples that carry eternal wisdom within. Now is the time to learn how to tune in and access the Teacher Within, the Holy Spirit, the Great Mother, that we may drink of the deep spiritual rivers of life available to the human family.  May we grow in wisdom as we are guided to remember the cosmic law of love that trumps all other laws as we move through this intense galactic transformation that is happening right now. As we do this consciously, mindfully, gracefully, and in the perfect timing of divine will, once at critical mass we will collectively co-create the shift the prophets foretold would happen at this time. And it's not the doom and gloom, end of the world propaganda churned out by the war machines--no, this is the very beginning of the reign of the Prince of Peace that has been long awaited. This is a rebirth. We are right on the cusp of it. This is the return of the true Kings of Earth and the most noble Knights who serve the purest virtues.

This is about the return of Divine Feminine Wisdom that is emerging in all of us to assist in the healing of the human family and our planet. This is about sacred people remembering and activating our true divine/human nature, this is about declaring sovereignty over the earth again as a critical mass collectively chooses the way of love above all else.

"Wake up oh sleepers and rise from the dead!" -Ephesians 5:14

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