Yoga is the practice of wholeness.

All are welcome.  

All people.  

All parts of self.  

The beautiful and the strange,

the charming and the shame,

Come experience your sacred symmetry.

Inhale and invite your whole self home.

Exhale and release whatever does not serve your highest good,

or the highest good of all beings.


I started teaching yoga to a group of women 50-80 years old and they reminded me that a gentle yoga practice is powerful. Within a few weeks I noticed their balance and flexibility improved and all reported feeling wonderful after the practice.  So I created this video to support them on the days we cannot be together.  This video focuses on bringing more breath and space to the body while elongating the spine, increasing blood flow, balance, muscle tone, opening the hips, and calming the mind. Thanks for sharing with those who can benefit!  Namaste <3 J.

Remember that the body is a temple for spirit.

The elixir of life is the breath,

so draw it in deeply

and practice being for a little while. 

Yoga teaches the body how to balance the opposites within

so that the body learns how to be both strong and gentle.  

Yoga helps the soul shine more brightly in your earthly home.