Your body is a sacred place.  No matter what.  If you are alive, you are a sacred being and you deserve to be treated and honored at all times no matter what you wear, what you say, or what you do.  

he tried to extinguish the light

inside my unbreakable soul

but he didn't know

that nothing

can ever separate me

from the sacred love

of which I am created

This may sound like a radical idea, but what if we honored our pain?  What if we were completely honest with ourselves about everything that we are feeling.  What if we took the time to tend our wounds and extend compassion like a loving mother to every single cell in our body? (There are many vehicles for this practice including yoga, meditation, counseling, alternative therapies, etc.) 

Just because someone else disrespected us, we refuse to participate in disrespecting our soul, denying our pain, or silencing our truth.  We are still here and together we are rising into new and more powerful life.

If you have been raped, the universe is inviting you to rise and claim your royal Queenhood.   You can see the pain, you are being invited to also taste the joy.  Life needs balance.  For every ounce of pain you have experienced, the universe is now offering you even more new life.

What they meant for harm, the Divine will use for even greater good.  Rise my lady.  This is your time.  

I created A Healing Descent & Resurrection for Women, A Guided Meditation to support women on a healing journey.  This meditation is for every woman regardless of what you have or have not experienced.  You'll receive over 45 minutes of guided visualizations that you can use as many times as you need to reconnect with your original goodness, incarnate your divine nature, to heal your body and also participate in the healing of the world.  

The divine in me salutes the divine in you.  


Meggan Watterson shares her story and passion to be true to her soul after sexual abuse.