Persephone, Maiden Daughter & Queen of the Underworld Mandala Coloring Page


Persephone, Maiden Daughter & Queen of the Underworld Mandala Coloring Page


From the work, Divine Like A Girl, Descent to the Goddess: A Sacred Coloring Journey by Jessica & Julie Zdenek an ongoing collaborative creation now unfolding at NEWS.  

Persephone is the daughter of Demeter who is the wife of Zeus.  Persephone is that aspect of the psyche that is the maiden, the young girl, the innocent, introverted feminine.  One day she is picking flowers in the field with her mother when the earth below her feet cracks open and up comes Hades, who grabs her heel and pulls her into his depths.  Demeter screams. Zeus looks away and rations: Hades needs a wife... so let him have Persephone.  Persephone's energy moves from victimhood to Queenhood.  She accepts her terrible fate and she rises and rules that which tried to bring her down.  She traverses two worlds as she spends half the year with her husband, Hades and the other half with her mother, Demeter.  

The word mandala is from the Sanskrit and means, "circle."  They have been used widely in spiritual practices as a vehicle to contemplate universal truth.  Carl Jung introduced mandalas to the west and saw them holding energy and archetypes of the divine.  They are currently used all over the world and have been shown to create states of peace, integration and healing within the observer.  

11 cents of every purchase supports Episcopal Relief and Development work on Gender Issues and Empowering Women.  Eleven is a number that symbolizes a balance between the masculine and feminine.  

Yoga Pose: Humble Warrior

I chose Humble Warrior for Persephone because she is a different sort of warrior, a sensitive one who must find a balance between two worlds.  In this pose her feet are grounded on the earth, like she is when she is with her mother half the year, and her head faces the great below, where she lives with her husband Hades, the other half of the year.  In Humble Warrior the neck is soft and prana, or the life force, is allowed to come into the frontal lobe area of the head, the sixth chakra, to open perception.  Also, I like that Persephone is upside down in this pose because she takes a different look at the world and can see it from the perspective of the underworld.  In Humble Warrior her heart is open as her arms reaching up towards her mother while she faces the great below.

To do this pose stand with wide legs and outstretched arms placing your feet underneath your wrists.  Line up the front foot so the heal is in the same plane as the arch of the back foot.  The back foot is placed at about a 45 degree angle so that the heel is the farthest part away from the body.  Now bend the front leg until the knee lines up right over the ankle.  You are in warrior 2 to begin with arms reaching out, wrists should be lined up over the ankles.  As you push your feet into the ground, pretend you are standing on ice and draw the legs together using your interior muscles, while leaving your feet firmly planted.  Tuck your tailbone and zip up through the core.  Strong lower body.  On an inhale, lengthen through your spine as you sweep your arms behind you clasp them together or fly them free if that's easier, and open your heart.  On an exhale use your core to slowly lower your shoulder to your bent knee.  Let your neck be completely soft.  Head hangs.  Take a few deep breaths here with attention to your third eye.  Allow illusions to fall away and open yourself up to see life in a new way.  On an inhale, use your core to return upright.  Observe how the blood flushes through your head and pours down your legs leaving you refreshed, grounded, and open-minded.  

Illustration by Artist Julie Hansen Zdenek (c) 2016 TARALOMA



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