Dream Interpretation Sessions


Dream Interpretation Sessions

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Are you ready to dive into your inner world and follow rabbit wherever he goes?  Are you ready to discover your passions?  Face your fears?  Awakening to the inner life through the wisdom of our dreams is life-long practice that can help us attune our inner ear to spirit within.  In dreamwork you will develop discernment and learn to more clearly hear the voice of your soul.  

The first 30 min session is only $9.99.

If you would like to continue dream work, make sure you are ready to make a three month commitment.  During these three months of seeking and learning we will meet at least once a month for an hour via skype or in person to discuss your dreams.  

You can submit as many dreams as you like to me during this time for our work together.  I will read and ponder them all and be doing research here on the symbols at work for our sessions together.  

I will teach you how to diagram your dreams and so you can begin to follow the golden thread.  

I will also create at least three therapeutic meditative recordings of my reflections on your dreams as I consult with my guides and filter through what I hear spirit saying to us.  

So each month for three months you can:

  • Submit all your dreams (or the ones you feel comfortable with) for research & reflection,
  • Have a one hour mentoring session with me,
  • Receive a meditative recording where I use my intuition and ask my higher guides to help us understand the symbols at work in your dreams for your highest good and for the highest good of all.  


Dream Work Mentoring 6 month package:
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