Inanna Queen of Heaven Mandala Coloring Page

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Inanna Mandala Small.jpg

Inanna Queen of Heaven Mandala Coloring Page


From the work, Divine Like A Girl, Descent to the Goddess: A Sacred Coloring Journey by Jessica & Julie Zdenek an ongoing collaborative creation now unfolding at NEWS.  

Inanna, Queen of Heaven

Inanna leaves the comforts of heaven to descend to the underworld to comfort her grieving sister, Ereshkigal.  This is one of the earliest stories in human history dating back to ancient Sumeria, about 4,000 B.C.E.  I like to think of this story as an ancient version of the story Frozen: Anna/Inanna Elsa/Ereshkigal.  The underworld has seven gates.  At each gate, Inanna must remove her royal garments and protections.  Inanna reminds us that to be whole, we must tend to the inner world and our depths.  We descend without attachment to possessions and titles and outcome, knowing that when we are in touch and conscious of our darkness what dies is illusion and separateness, and what rises is a whole new self. 

The word mandala is from the Sanskrit and means, "circle."  They have been used widely in spiritual practices as a vehicle to contemplate universal truth.  Carl Jung introduced mandalas to the west and saw them holding energy and archetypes of the divine.  They are currently used all over the world and have been shown to create states of peace, integration and healing within the observer.  

11 cents of every purchase supports Episcopal Relief and Development work on Gender Issues and Empowering Women.  Eleven is a number that symbolizes a balance between the masculine and feminine.  

Yoga Practice:  Tree Pose

Stand on one leg and ground down into the four corners of your foot.  Ask Mother Earth or Gaia to ground you.  Lift your toes and visualize roots growing out of the bottom of your foot that reach all the way down to the center of the earth.  Wrap your roots around the molten iron crystal.  Receive her energy, the ancient wisdom of Earth that can best assist you at this time.  Drawing from her memory of all the histories that have happened upon the Earth and all of the ancient codes of all the species, all of the families, the DNA.  Visualize Gaia's nourishment coming up your legs and healing your first chakra, that cluster of nerve endings at the base of your spine that when balanced help you feel confident in your place on the planet.  Draw her energy up to your core and engage the muscles there.  Tuck your tailbone and lengthen in your low back.  Begin to draw the earth energy up into your heart center.  You may place your thumbs here or extend your arms above your head and reach to heaven coming into a slight back bend with a wide open heart.  Draw Earth's energy all the way up to your head and visualize it beaming out of the top of your head, igniting your crown chakra, your connection to heaven and  your divine nature.  Experience your lower body as strong and grounded, the upper body as soft and open.  Experiencing the dual energies of grounded and open can help us feel the fullness of the divine feminine which provides material (mater/mother) shelter and spiritual compassion.  

Illustration by Artist Julie Hansen Zdenek (c) 2016 TARALOMA

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