7 Gates of Resurrection

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7 Gates of Resurrection


These seven mystery teachings will help you activate and heal each of the seven chakras (the major energy centers of the body) through wisdom teachings, yoga, meditation and creative imagination.  

You will receive access to 7 lessons that include yoga practices, meditations, teachings and messages designed to help heal and activate each major energy center of the body, known as chakras.

If you're interested in learning more about the chakras, looking for a home practice, and ready to take an adventure in healing, this 7 week course will guide you through the ancient mysteries of resurrection and help you unlock the life force in your body.

Here what people are saying about it:

"New insights through these videos and messages and a beautiful way to share energies! I honor your path dear sister! "

"I'm really loving the 1st of the 7 gates. You've done an amazing job. Thank you for your service warrior Goddess of the light!"

You'll receive 7 lessons for just $10 each--for less than the cost of one yoga class a week you will get a 7 week transformational journey.  This course begins at the root chakra and works up to the crown helping you feel grounded in your essence and open to spiritual guidance.  

Also with the purchase of the program, you will receive a discount on an oracular reading!

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