My mom can draw.  I can do yoga.  But can we talk about religion together?

If you asked me five years ago I would have said, "no way."  

I'm not sure what's changing, but something is definitely changing.

I asked my mother if she would be interested in illustrating something for my next book.  

Turns out she can also write.  When I wrote my feelings and sent them to her to illustrate, she created a mandala and then she wrote her own feelings back.  

I've never had such an honest conversation with my mother about our spirituality before.

It's changing us both.

Divine Like A Girl is a coloring journey that explores the energy of the Goddesses.  Catch up on our unfolding conversation on my BLOG.  

The word mandala is from the Sanskrit and means, "circle."  They have been used widely in spiritual practices as a vehicle to contemplate universal truth.  Carl Jung introduced mandalas to the west and saw them holding energy and archetypes of the divine.  They are currently used all over the world and have been shown to create states of peace, integration and healing within the observer.  

11 cents of every purchase supports Episcopal Relief and Development work on Gender Issues and Empowering Women.  Eleven is a number that symbolizes a balance between the masculine and feminine.  

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