Are you ready to reconnect to your deep knowing instincts?  Are you tired of feeling drained and pulled in a million directions by everyone else's demands on your life?  Would you like to discover where your soul is guiding you?  

Unfortunately many of us (especially men) are taught at an early age to shut down our feelings in order to fit into stereotypical roles that can lead to deep wounds in the psyche.  As an empath, I often experience the unconscious feelings of those around me. I am also a listener and through casual conversation (usually over coffee or dinner) I am able to guide clients (usually with questions) to discover the answers within themselves that can seem so out of reach.  With practice, you will begin to discover how easy it is to tap into your higher knowing and deep body wisdom to guide you into healing and discovery of your soul path.

If you're ready to begin, contact me below.

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