I remember sitting in a cafe having a conversation with a group of women and a soon to be bride who started to cry because she had been raised to believe that sex was sinful and now just before her wedding she had no idea what to do.  "Is there a switch somewhere?  How do I just turn it on after keeping it shut off all these years?!"

Another woman in the circle confessed she just blanks out and hopes it ends as fast as possible.  

Another woman confessed, "I hate sex."  

I remember feeling that way.  

I remember blanking out, leaving my body, or taking on a role that objectified my body rather than honoring it as a sacred temple. Sacred sex doesn't necessarily involve burning a pentagram into your bedspread and chanting incantations in Latin, (although if that sounds appealing to you go for it!).  Sacred sex simply begins by honoring the body as a holy place.  It begins when we practice being fully present, fully in our skin, and allow ourselves to receive love and give love.  

I am so grateful for these women who are teaching me and helping me to heal and accept my body in ways I never before imagined.  I can't wait for you to meet them too!


 Experience the pleasure a Jade Egg will bring you! 

Experience the pleasure a Jade Egg will bring you!