High Priestess of Taraloma Earth Temple & Resident Yogini at Blue Lotus Studio

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The name TARALOMA literally means "earth hill" or body temple.  This name appeared to me in a dream as I began my seminary training as a powerful reminder that the true temple is the body and the earth is our sanctuary.  Just recently I learned that The Hill of Tara ("hill" in Spanish = loma) is one of Ireland's oldest royal sacred sites where the stone of destiny stood and sounded when the true king placed his hand upon it. The king then married the Goddess of the Earth because his connection to her energy ensured his true power. 

I was a strange little girl.  I spent a lot of time in prayer.  I spoke in tongues at the age of five.  I always remembered that I came from somewhere in the beautiful heavens and what it was like there.  I often visited other dimensions and spoke to Jesus and relatives who had passed on.  I spoke to trees and communed deeply with animals.  But it became very clear to me as I grew up that I would be labeled "crazy" if I spoke of these things, so I tried to forget about my mystical little girl to fit into this crazy world instead.  

Growing up as a military brat, my spiritually focused family was stationed all over the United States, and I was exposed to a lot of different fundamentalist and evangelical Christian communities. My mother line is filled with Norwegian-Lutheran ministers, and my great-grandfather was a circuit rider preacher who used to ride his horse around the Dakotas as he ministered to the early settlers.  (Thus, I feel some of my karma is to make amends with the Natives and Mother Earth for Christianity's historically harsh treatment of both.)  While some church things resonate deeply with my experiences of the heavenly realms, others do not.  I experienced a lot of the church to be run like other toxic communities where ideas of domination and control are woven into the fabric of the way things have always been, where devaluation of the divine feminine is common, where sexuality and spirituality seems unrelated, where worship revolves around a father God that sounds suspiciously like Zeus as it supports the military industrial complex, where people were more interested in checking boxes to get into heaven rather than learning how our bodies were designed to incarnate heaven on earth, where Jesus' transformative teachings were not as important as church and state politics, where ideas about God were spun and co-opted by those in power to push the same old own sinful agendas Jesus was always preaching against.  Not all churches are this way, some are doing amazing work caring for the poor and giving shelter to the outcasts, but I certainly have struggled to find conscious Christian communities that are integrating the divine feminine.  

I proceeded to study ancient spirituality and modern psychology academically until my Saturn returned.  At this time my dreams pulled me into the underworld to face again the lost mystical realms.  On this quest I was asked to open a locked door and find much needed healing for the childhood sexual abuse I had experienced, but had hoped to forget about; my guides were clear that facing my wounds was the initiation I would need to move into my dharma.  On this transformative journey I rediscovered the ancient ways of resurrection known in the early Goddess cultures as I found many essential keys to my own personal healing.

After seminary, I worked for ten years as a youth minister in The Episcopal Church in The Diocese of Chicago.  During this time I studied the Montessori approach to working with children and created several sacred spaces in churches.  I also worked with youth and young adults and I loved providing improvisational music at our alternative Saturday night services.  While I enjoyed my youth ministry work and the spaciousness The Episcopal Church held for the mystery of God, I sensed a call to learn more about deeper aspects of healing trauma. As much as I wanted to work for reform in the church, I felt called more to the role of prophetess than priest; to do authentic work I would have to branch out and create the sacred community I wanted to find rather than impose my will upon a congregation.  When I moved to Fargo in 2013 I began my yoga teacher certification training to expand on my ten years of personal yoga practice.  In this process I discovered that I also have gifts and sensitivities that I was unaware that I had.  I recently completed my Reiki I certification and Dove Oracle Priestess certification. I currently blend my academic learning with my intuitive and clairvoyant skills as I am reclaiming the ancient role of sacred oracle woman (who were kicked out of the church while their innate wisdom was oppressed for many years) to help initiate and support people in the great awakening and ascension that is happening now.  

Over the years, I have learned many practices and explored a variety of ancient and modern wisdom teachings to help people awaken the dormant soul light in their bodies and reclaim our sovereignty as sacred beings; this is my work of freeing the unicorns <3  I share my services with people in the local Fargo-Moorhead area and am available for on-line for mentoring, dream interpretations, and oracle readings.  


I offer group and private yoga lessons, prenatal yoga, on-line yoga videos & classes, Reike, sound healing, guided relaxations, meditation instruction, dream interpretations, tarot readings, energy clearings, intuitive readings, sacred stories for kids, workshops on a variety of spiritual topics, personalized rituals or public healing ceremonies, celebrations of moon cycles, music events. I am also available to speak and preach.


Seven Sisters Mystery School
2016| Dove Oracle Priestess Training

Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA
2001| Master of Arts in Theology
G.P.A 3.87, Student Arts Award for a Contemplative Video Project

St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN
1998| Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Cum Laude, Psi-Chi honors

Northwest Missouri State University
1996| Major in Communications, Writing for Newspaper, Directing live TV, Speaking for Radio

TARALOMA Earth Temple | Priestess of Love

Mojo Fit Studios | Yoga Instructor, Fargo, ND

Family Ministries Associate & Youth Minister 2007 – 2013
The Church of the Holy Spirit (Episcopal) | Lake Forest, IL 

Director of Youth and Children’s Formation 2003 – 2007
Calvary Episcopal Church | Batavia, IL 

Media Services Coordinator and Office Manager 1999 – 2002
Fuller Theological Seminary | Pasadena, CA 

Chapel Visual Arts Coordinator 2001 – 2002
Fuller Theological Seminary | Pasadena, CA

Dove Oracle Priestess
2016| Seven Sisters Mystery School

Licensed Preacher & Worship Leader
2015| Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness Studies Yoga Teacher Training
2014| 230 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification

Sexual Abuse Prevention Trainer for Keeping God’s People Safe
2007| Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

Godly Play Instructor & Trainer
2006| Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Level I Instructor
2005| Episcopal Diocese of Chicago


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Detoxing God: A Memoir
By Jessica Zdenek

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