November 8, 2016 marked a mass shift of human consciousness.  You have been initiated into the deep portals of rebirth.  

How is it going? 

What was your experience of moving through the portal?  

How did you experience the collective mass shift of consciousness?

Would you like some support as you navigate a new (but ancient) terrain? 

Each of us is having a different reaction to the experience.  
Some have moved farther away from the gnawing dread, so far that it appears as small as the smallest seed.  So far that it has become imperceptible to the conscious mind.

Others have moved closer.  The nightmare is unavoidable, undeniable.  We know we must walk through the fires of transformation in order to ascend. 

~ ~ ~

If this is you, I see you.  I see many who have recently entered my realm.  Some feel disoriented, lost, hopeless, furious, helpless, fiery, spacey, groundless...  I am the solid ground you seek.  I hold the keys to transformation, resurrection, rebirth and renewal.

I am the Dark Mother, the Queen of the Underworld.  And you have entered my realm.  And you shall not escape until you learn how to unlock the gates of your own resurrection.

~ ~ ~  

Are you ready to strip away all that does not serve your highest good?  Are you on a mission to serve the highest good of all beings?  Are you detoxing patriarchal religious structures and remembering the ways of the ancient Goddess?  Ready to embody a spirituality that honors your sacred body?  Are you looking for some guidance in navigating dimensions beyond our 3D world?  

These 7 teaches will activate your chakras as you explore the unique healing energy of each. You will recieve


  • 7 TL Earth Temple Mystery School teachings from Jessica Zdenek, Dove Oracle Priestess.  Jessica will send you links to 7 key esoteric teachings that unlock resurrection energy.  These courses will include videos, audios, rituals, songs, meditations and more
  • A deeper understanding of the 7 chakras of the body including a personal assessment of your own.  Each week we will open to receive healing as we activate a chakra.
  • Yoga poses, meditations, chants, teachings for continued healing work with each chakra
  • Meditations for activation of your light body
  • A deeper awareness and connection you to your spiritual guides in other dimensions
  • Divine transmissions and channelings of the Dark Mother Goddess, Queen of the Underworld & other Goddesses/dimensions of Jessica's "counsel of higer selves" 
  • A deep exploration of the ancient myth of Ereshkigal & Inanna and how it relates to our lives today
  • Activations for transmuting pain into power
  • Resurrection codes and secret mantras for dissolving personal and collective trauma fields
  • A deepening understanding and healing relationship with the Goddess of 10,000 faces as we honor the Divine Feminine in all of creation.  

Choose your initiation path:

The Light Worker
Seven Initiations to the 7 Gates of Resurrection, $70

The Apprentice
Receive additional support for your Underworld with a bonus 1 hour private session (valued at $97) which may include Intuitive Oracle Readings, Tarot Readings, Dream Interpretations and Mentoring (can be done via Skype), $140

Jessica Zdenek is a graduate of St. Olaf College where she received her BA in psychology, a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary where she received her Masters degree in Theology, a certified 230 hour Yoga Instructor out of Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness and a Dove Oracle Priestess from Seven Sisters Mystery School.  She is also a mother, an author, a preacher, an intuitive, part fairy, part Dark Goddess, part Wood Nymph.  Her unique branch of wisdom weaves together the teachings of Jesus with the teachings of Yoga and the Divine Feminine.  She lives in the Fargo-Moorhead area with her three children.